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Follow me any old place, I love everyone. I'm on Twitter and Tumblr more than DW, but I definitely check here regularly!
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Hi, [community profile] sportsanime friends! I’m Marks, from Team Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky. Welcome to the baiting/cataloging madness. Haha, see what I did there? Because of my team's pairing?? I'm gonna die if I watch that clip again!!

I'm like my team's pinch server, boosting our points during the bonus rounds, so baiting me is basically altruism on your part.

Ways to Bait

- Haikyuu!! - Tsukishima/Yamaguchi (PLEASE), Kageyama/Hinata, Kuroo/Sawamura, Sugawara/Asahi, Sawamura/Sugawara, Tanaka/Ennoshita, Tanaka/Noya, Asahi/Noya, Shimizu/Yachi, Kageyama/Tsukishima, any Third Gym pairing (including ones with Hinata and Lev!), Ukai/Takeda, Saeko/any of the grown-up cheering squad but especially Akiteru, any Tsukishima pairing that I haven’t already listed, maaaaaybe semi-sketchy aged-up pairings that involve Ukai or Saeko. Almost certainly other stuff.
- Yuri!!! on Ice - Yuri/Otabek (PLEASE), Yuuri/Victor, Yuuri/Phichit, Christophe/Phichit, Seung Gil/drunken kissing anyone, probably other stuff!
- Prince of Tennis - InuKai, anything with Inui, anything with Kaidoh, most intra-Seigaku pairings, Atobe/Momo.
- Hikaru no Go - Shindou/Touya, Ogata/ANYONE, Isumi/Waya, IDK maybe like Isumi/Ashiwara or something? Do they even interact?
- Slam Dunk - ARE YOU PROMPTING SLAM DUNK?? OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOU!! Anything at all.

I'll also write crossovers because those are always funny. Genre's a grab bag. I write humor, sappy stuff, NSFW stuff, terrible angsty pain, some mix of those. Also, I usually love twisting power dynamics. So if there's a pairing where Person A is the aggressor 99% of the time, don't expect them to be when I write.

PLEASE feel free to fill any prompt I leave. I don't care who picks up my prompts! Almost everyone I knew before SASO started 2017 icebreakers is ON MY TEAM.

My Fills
Bonus Round 1: Alternate Universes

- One Friend, Plus One More Thing, Haikyuu!!, Bokuto/Kuroo, G, 827 words - Jock/Nerd AU with kissing. Nerd Kuroo is very important to me.
- Click Your Tongue, Then Your Heels, Haikyuu!!, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, G, 535 words - Wizard of Oz AU. Wow, Tsukki would be the grumpiest Dorothy EVER.
- Boxing AU, Prince of Tennis, Inui/Kaidoh, T, 689 words - The dream AU where Kaidoh is a boxer and Inui is his trainer. Kaidoh says fuck.
- Under Pressure, Haikyuu!!, Bokuto/Kuroo, 1727 words - Good Omens AU where Bokuto is an angel, and Kuroo isn't, and Tsukishima might be the antichrist though I don't actually call him that in the fic.
- Nothing Subtle About This, Yuri!!! on ICE, Victor/Yuuri, T, 1077 words - AU where Victor and Yuuri have a meet-cute on a plane, and Yuuri is the most embarrassing thing on the planet.
- Alliance, Haikyuu!!, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, 4080 words, E - Royalty AU where Tsukishima and Yamaguchi have an arranged marriage for political reasons but Tsukishima also pretty clearly thinks 'uh-oh he's hot.' Which is probably good when you're married.
- Another Time, Another Place, Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, 1505 words, M - AU where Mitsui never rejoins Shohoku and then meets up again with Kogure. Smoking and ill-advised hookups ensue.
- Paid for the Rental, Haikyuu!!, Ukai/Takeda, 618 words, T - AU where Takeda's roommate got married and he's drinking his troubles away. Enter stranger Ukai, smoking against a wall and more interested than he lets on.
- Back Pocket, Hikaru no Go, Ogata/Akira, 668 words, T - Aged-up characters! American law firm AU where Ogata does Judge Touya a favor and hires his son, fresh off passing the bar.
- Spare a Person's Feelings, Haikyuu!!, Tsukishima/Oikawa, 525 words, G - Tsukishima and Oikawa end up at the same university and get to be their terrible selves together.

Bonus Round 2: Tic-Tac-Toe

- Again, Friendship Bracelets, Confession, Prince of Tennis, Inui/Yanagi, 1785 words, G - Trio of Data Pair fills, maybe all within the same universe, maybe not. Inui's a dork, but kind of an angst one.
- Weakness for Blonds, Haikyuu!!, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, 722 words, G - AU where Yamaguchi goes to a coffee shop. Not a coffee shop AU.
- Flirting with Mind Control Haikyuu!!, Kuroo/Kenma, 755 words, G - Waiting around at Nationals, kissing
- Shoplifters Will Be Executed, Haikyuu!!, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, 3335 words, T - Tsukishima's been having nightmares and doesn't like talking about his feelings
- Immolate, Haikyuu!!, Kageyama/Hinata, 1888 words, T - Three fills in one fic, snapshots all set in the same universe, Kageyama is bad at feelings, Hinata's confused by them, kissing
- We Look for Ways to Fly, Haikyuu!!, Hinata/Kageyama/Tsukishima/Yachi/Yamaguchi (and almost all possible permutations), 5241 words, T - HP AU where Karasuno is Gryffindor for reasons, nine interrelated ficlets, (I also wrote a non-SASO one-shot sequel, here, 3100 words)

Bonus Round 3: Soundtracks

Bonus Round 4: Quotes

My blanket permission for remixes is here. Any kind of remix is fine with me, just drop me a link somewhere to let me know. All my contact info, including my AO3 account, is here.
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Tuesday was my eighth wedding anniversary and I celebrated by taking a final for one of my classes. Only two and a half years till I have my Master's! Part-time in a discipline other than your undergrad takes a long fricking time. But we're going out tomorrow to a real place with reservations and the kids get grandparent baby-sitters for the evening. Win/win.

I'm still on a writing tear. I have a monster WIP which I never intended to be a monster, but might be long enough that I'm going to do a chapter-by-chapter release which I haven't done in years. I've also actually finished a lot of smaller fic:

Thematically Cohesive, Yuri!!! on Ice, Yurio/Otabek, T, 1178 words. Getting back to my roots by having Otabek badly apply makeup for Yuri P. I wrote this like hours after that Welcome to the Madness snippet came out, and I'm basically counting down the days till the full clip comes out.

You Should, ACCA, Jean/Nino, M, 1405 words. Post-series get-together fic. ACCA also had two little OVA clips released this week and I miss it so much. Probably already time for a rewatch.

Also, I last posted to DW a little over a month ago, when I was starting up with Haikyuu!! and now I've finished it, fallen deeply in love with it, and written fic for it:

If You Buy the Moon a Donut, Haikyuu!!, Yamaguchi/Tsukishima, M, 5261 words. That monster WIP I mentioned up there is also for these two, and I came to a point in it where I needed a writing break, so I was like, oh, I'll just write a one-shot for something else. And I wound up getting another idea for them because that's how my brain works. So anyway, if you know Haikyuu!! and ever thought Tsukishima needed to unwind some, this is kind of sort of the fic for you. And if you know Haikyuu!! and thought you'd like it if Yamaguchi burned up with jealousy over Tsukishima, this is definitely the fic for you.

Finally, I'm doing SASO ([community profile] sportsanime) for the first time! SASO is the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics, so just for sports-related anime and manga. But I know a lot of you are interested in those! It lasts all summer and I'm on Team Otabek/Yuri, which filled up after about three hours, so ??? But lots of time still left to sign up. Team sign ups close on the 17th, and grandstand signups close on the 26th. Grandstand is basically if you like prompting people a lot, maybe writing/drawing/making graphics a little, too, but no real commitment.

I've decided that I'm not going to crosspost to LJ anymore after this post, but I'm not deleting anything old over there, so it'll be around as a dead archive. If you're still around and interested in reading my very occasional posts, come follow me at [personal profile] marks. My Twitter and Tumblr are linked in my profile if you're more interested in those!
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I’ve been writing up a storm lately, and it’s resulted in a lot of actual fic. Here’s a round-up, in case you don’t follow me on Tumblr or Twitter.

* Selfishness Must Always Be Forgiven, ACCA 13-ku Kansatsuka, Jean/Nino, Explicit, 5550 words - Set after episode 8, Jean tries to get Nino to realize their relationship is different from what Nino thinks it is.

* Without You, ACCA 13-ku Kansatsuka, Jean/Nino, Mature, 630 words - Set during episode 10, Jean does some stuff in front of an open window.

ACCA’s my new obsession, and before you can ask, no, it doesn’t stand for anything. But it has one of the best should-be-creepy-but-somehow-isn’t relationships I’ve ever seen, which is totally my jam, and has a surprisingly interesting main plot about politics and bread. If you’re at all interested in it, I recommend watching before reading my fics because they’ve both got huge spoilers. It's streaming on Crunchyroll, there are only two more episodes left, and I’m already grieving it ending.

* Detoxicated, Yuri!!! on ICE, Phichit/Chris, Victor/Yuri, implied other permutations therein, Mature, 1640 words - Phichit cracks the glass on his phone because of a literal run-in. Confession time: I also broke my phone recently, about a week before I wrote this, so there’s the very complicated writing inspiration process for you.

* A Lot of Heart, Prince of Tennis, Inui/Kaidoh, General Audiences, 5850 words - Inui gets recruited by the baseball team and actually quits tennis. Yep, writing in this again and having a great time, just deal with it.

And not mine, but for me because I'm very lucky: [personal profile] prillalar's Yuri on Ice tennis AU fanart is a thing of beauty. Oh, you didn't know Hal was an artist, too? You've been missing out.

In not-fic linking stuff, I’ve picked up a bunch of shows lately: March Comes in like a Lion, Powerless, Riverdale, Haikyuu!! (why so many exclamation points, anime?). Plus, [personal profile] barnacling and I did a trade off Skam and ACCA, so I’ll watch Skam after I finish Haikyuu. Though if I understand things correctly, I’m only supposed to watch one season of that? I don’t know how Norwegian shows work.

Also, I had most of last week off because of spring break from school, a vacation day, a snow day, and a day when my office was closed, which explains my “productivity” and I’m not looking forward to getting back to my regular packed schedule tomorrow. However, I’ve been sticking to a write for at least 15 minutes a day plan even on my normal days, and that produces around 500 words a day. So many words! I’m practically Stephen King.
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Chocolate Box round 2 reveals went live overnight, which meant my inbox was filled with author notifications for people I like. :D I got three lovely fics:

Trothplight - Inui/Kaidoh, Prince of Tennis, G, 869 words by specialrhino - Tripping into an engagement in a cathedral, like all my pairings like to. :D This is just cuteness all over. And it includes Inui harassing Tezuka because that's the way things should be.

Oh My God, Finally - Phichit/Chris, Yuri!!! on ICE, E, 1746 words by Halrloprillalar - My beloved Hal wrote me a beloved treat, and basically it's perfect? It starts with Phichit and Chris roleplaying as Yuri and Victor a little too publicly and goes from there. I mean, obviously it's good, it's Hal!! Just read it.

The Warmth of the Sun - Gojyo/Hakkai, Saiyuki, T, 1227 words by Lady_Ganesh - I don't think she knows it, but I've loved Lady Ganesh's Saiyuki fic for like a decade now, so the fact that she wrote a treat for me just blows my mind. It's old Gojyo and old Hakkai being settled and not really knowing what to do with that fact. And Gojyo's hair fading from red to pink with age just cracks me up every time I think about it.

And I wrote three fics (well, one fic and two ficlets, really):

Looking So Long at These Pictures of You - Yuri/Victor, Yuri/Posters of Victor, Yuri!!! on ICE, T, 1702 words - Like, when I signed up for Yuri/Posters of Victor, I didn't think I'd wind up writing some shmoopy story of innocence, but I did and that's where we are, so just deal with it. I also describe Victor's outfits, if that's your thing. :D Written for 1010nabulation.

Solemnly Intoned - Yurio/Otabek, Yuri!!! on ICE, T, 409 words - Otabek's retiring and Yuri's pissed off about it because they're all getting old. But at least Otabek has more time to pursue his hobbies! Written for mousapelli. She's so pissed off that Otabek is a DJ and it makes me laugh every day.

Stuck with Me - Inui/Tezuka, Prince of Tennis, G, 311 words - InuKai is my OTP, but every time I feel like I need to get a handle on Prince of Tennis, I wind up writing these two again. They were the first pairing I ever wrote in this fandom, five thousand years ago! And here were are some more. Written for Halrloprillalar.

Feel free to read and comment if you want! Crossposted to Tumblr!
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I set up my fandom twitter: [ profile] nonnonnegative! Anyone's welcome to add me over there, I've been adding everyone back so far.

I've also been busy writing Yuri!!! on Ice fic:

Like Two Ships, M, Yuuri/Victor, 1400 words - Yuuri is exhausted but Victor is leaving in eighteen hours. Sappy stuff! Plus, Yuuri's totally going to faint when he finds out how much Victor's body wash really costs.

Very Versatile, M, Phichit/Christophe, 1800 words - Phichit and Christophe after the Grand Prix Final, one of those things where I talked myself into shipping it for real while trying to work out the logistics. I think this one came out really cute and Phichit is a really fun POV character to write, so hopefully all 12 people who read it like it. :D

Also, I'm considering reverting back to spelling it Yuri in fic going forward because I keep defaulting to it when I'm typing and I think everyone's going to be fine differentiating between the two Yuris.

I also signed up for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm because [personal profile] prillalar did, and you should too!
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Hello [community profile] chocolateboxcomm writer! I'm so happy you're writing for me! You can really do whatever you want and I'll be happy, but I know having a little guidance is always appreciated, so hopefully this letter helps.

Likes: hurt/comfort, sex pollen (both characters sex pollened is fine by me, as is the one in their right mind nobly resisting the desperate one), kissing, bodyswap, uptight characters totally losing it, rich characters losing their wealth for whatever reason, fake marriages/dating, that thing where one thing in canon diverges so everything is different but familiar and only one character is aware that anything's happened, angst with a happy resolution, robots.

Dislikes: bashing canonical pairings, pair the spare, complete AUs (barista, high school, etc), gore, major character death, BDSM, power differentials, A/B/O dynamics

Fandom specifics! )
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I don't have huge hope that 2017 will be an improvement on 2016, but stranger things have happened I guess. On that cheerful note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Here's a roundup of the stuff I wrote for Yuletide:

My assignment:
The Medium Place, The Good Place, Eleanor/Chidi, 4500 words, T - The one where Eleanor convinces TPTB to create The Medium Place and gets put in charge of it.

Got commended for my worldbuilding a lot on this one, and since my worldbuilding basically consisted of listing a lot of stuff I find mundane and annoying, I loved those comments dearly.

Full-length treats:
Never Stop Winning, Yuri!!! on Ice, Yuuri/Victor, 2500 words, E - Skating, Victor, winning, sex, love, they were all jumbled up together in Yuuri's head as one big thing, and Victor just counted himself lucky for being the person Yuuri fixated on.

lol had to get a YOI treat in there for the first and last year this will be Yuletide eligible. Also wanted the excuse to write some porn, not that I ever need much of an excuse for that.

An Irrevocable Condition, In the Heights - Miranda, Sonny/Graffiti Pete, 1500 words, T - Then later he told Usnavi he was taking two art classes this semester and all Usnavi did was smirk knowingly at him. Which. Fuck off, Usnavi.

I love In the Heights and have always kind of wanted to write something for it, so I'm glad I got a chance. Sonny's just so cute, and one of the ten-thousand drafts for the musical had Sonny and Graffiti Pete kissing during the blackout, so I was glad I wasn't making up the subtext I saw there.

Dead Things Can't Grow, Heathers (1988), Veronica/Heather Chandler, 1050 words, T - It’s been eight years since The Incident, which is what Veronica calls it in her head. Calling it The Incident sounds so innocent, like it was the time cow tipping went wrong, which in some small way it was.

One of those fics where I was laughing at myself as I wrote it, but I'm not sure anyone other than me found it funny. Dark humor! At least the people who read it seemed to like it. :D

Madness treats:
Whipped, Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo, Wylan/Jesper, 240 words - Jesper watching Wylan sleep, like a creeper.

Tangible, Gordon Korman - Macdonald Hall, Bruno/Boots, 350 words - Boots literally running to get letters from Bruno when they go to different universities.

Read them, if you'd like! Or don't! I like you all anyway. :D
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I haven't had a chance to collect Yuletide recs together anywhere other than my AO3 bookmarks, but before reveals happen, here are the very very lovely gifts for me:

if there's one fool for you, then I am it by [ profile] Sonni89, The Good Place, Chidi/Eleanor, PG, 6,574 words

The Meaning of Things by [ profile] chiana606, Spring Awakening - Sheik/Sater, Hanschen/Ernst, PG, 814 words

A Whisper by [ profile] Missy (who also wrote me a treat last year!! she's great!!), Heathers, Veronica/JD (sort of), PG, 100 words

People are so generous!! I love Yuletide.

I wrote six things altogether - my assignment, three full-length treats in the Yuletide collection, and two ficlets in the Madness collection. I think my assignment is very obviously me, and one of the treats is obvious just because of the fandom. The rest, I don't know! But they're all doing pretty well; they've all got at least two handfuls of kudos and all of them have comments, including the Madness things.

But anyway, I DM'd [personal profile] mousapelli one of them because I thought she'd like it and she never uses Tumblr so she won't see it once I do a reveals post, but then I realized I have a LJ/DW! Which I can use! Any time I want! So I'm going to try to do that. I'm also going to set up an all-fandom Twitter in the next couple of days because my Twitter now is locked and RL, but fandom stuff has been bleeding onto it a LOT lately, and I don't really need ex-coworkers or my sister-in-law stumbling onto my revealing replies accidentally. So I'll link that here once it exists!

In other fandom stuff, if you follow me on tumblr, you already know that I'm swimming toward the deep end of Yuri!!! on Ice fandom. It's been nice because people from basically every major fandom I've ever been in are in it, too! And the fic is good, at least what I've read, because it's late December and not only is that drowning in fic time usually, but I've also got a 5 and 2 year old so I have lots of fun holiday stuff. Ten years ago, I would be in a fic coma, but now I'm just in a new loud toys and Lego building one.

But anyway, I wrote one thing about a week ago already, which is here, and I have three wips going at once, which is frankly an astronomical number for me.
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I know there are many, many good people in the world who will continue trying to do good, but it's hard to remember that right now. I feel at least ten times worse than I did in 2000, and I felt awful in 2000. I'm lucky enough to only personally know one person who's crowing right now, but I've been fighting the urge to punch her in the face today.
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It's that time of year again! Hello, Yuletide writer, happy to foist my wants on you. :D I think this is my 13th time doing Yuletide, which is just insanity. But it's the only thing I still reliably do in fandom because it's so much fun and I want you to have fun! I'm an easy assignment, really. I like gen! I like shippy fic! I like all ratings! I do prefer happy endings most of the time, but if you're really pulling yourself in a not-happy ending direction and it makes sense, I'm sure I can get behind that too. I'm [ profile] Marks on AO3 and [ profile] nonnegative on tumblr, if you want to poke around to see what I'm into.

Here are some basic guidelines, but go nuts if that's more your thing:

Likes: hurt/comfort, sex pollen, wingfic, kissing, bodyswap, uptight characters totally losing it, rich characters losing their wealth for whatever reason, repression, fake marriages/dating, huddling for warmth, being stuck somewhere due to kidnapping or avalanche or [insert whatever reason you'd like here], that thing where one thing in canon diverges so everything is different but familiar and only one character is aware that anything's happened, Groundhog Day AUs. Also, I've been weirdly into one character hypnotizing another lately? I don't know, feel free to do something with that.

Dislikes: lots of background pairings, bashing canonical pairings, most mundane modern AUs, gore, major character death, BDSM, power differentials, A/B/O dynamics

Now for my specific requests:

Spring Awakening, Heathers, The Good Place, Six of Crows Series )
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Happy New Year, DW/LJ! Yuletide reveals were yesterday, and I linked everything I wrote/everything I received here.

In me news, both the kids are doing great (Nate is almost five and starts Kindergarten this year, and Noah will be two in three weeks because time refuses to stop moving), my job is great, I'm going back to school part time at the end of January. I saw The Force Awakens the other day and loved it and I finished Galavant yesterday and loved that, too. I hope everyone turned out to have a decent 2015, and that 2016 is even better for you!
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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015,

Well, I guess I'm your assignment. I'm not the worst assignment to have! This is my twelfth straight Yuletide, which borders on unbelievable, but considering I've spent over a decade participating in this, I obviously like it a little bit. Okay, a lot. Fine, it's my favorite time of the year.

Right up front: I believe optional details are optional. You won't offend me by going off book. I read het, slash, femslash, and gen. I read all ratings. On AO3, I'm [ profile] Marks if you want to see my fic or fic I've bookmarked over there. I forget to bookmark most of the time, so don't take that as the be and end all of fic I've liked, but it's a jumping off point.

Likes: Hurt/comfort, sex pollen, drinking games, fake marriages/dating, kissing, unexpected sweetness, hiding out in places where discovery is a distinct and terrible possibility, bodyswap, canon divergent AUs where one thing changes EVERYTHING!, angst with a happy ending, uptight characters totally losing it, and loose cannon characters repressing something.

Dislikes: Really dark fic, gore, death, BDSM, large age and/or power differences, A/B/O dynamics, bashing canonical relationships in order to hook up non-canonical ones, total AUs. What I mean by that is I don't want a high school AU for Turn or Hamilton, but setting an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fic in high school is 100% okay because they went to high school together.

Now for what I requested: )
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I'm sorry I didn't have this unlocked before assignments went out, I didn't think they'd go out so early! Thank you for writing for me.

letter letter letter )
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Noah's turning one on Sunday, and we're throwing him a party, which I'm dreading. This is a terrible thing to say, I'm aware, and it's not that I'm dreading my baby turning one, I'm dreading having a few people over my house for a few hours. It's a bit of an understatement to say I'm not much of a party planner, and on top of that, I know how these things go from having hosted several other parties since moving to this house. It will be a long, tiring day filled with people politely needing things that I've forgotten to provide, and I won't want to socialize with anyone for about a decade afterward.

And now I have the bonus of it happening in January in New Jersey, so I can't even let people hang out in the yard. At least we've invited fewer people than we usually do, and I'll get to slide a piece of cake over to a baby who's never eaten cake before, which is my favorite thing in the world. I hope Noah just headbangs directly into it, that would be so great.

Now, back to the not dreading my baby turning one thing. That's only 90% truth. My friend Amanda and I were picking up our kids from daycare earlier this week and she asked if I was sad about Noah turning one. She also has a baby girl turning one in a couple of weeks, along with an older girl who's Nathaniel's friend. I said sort of, more than I thought I'd be. We're both done with having kids, despite both of us now getting the "So will you try for the girl/boy?" question nearly daily; babies are cute but they're expensive and pushing watermelons out of your vagina isn't exactly a carnival ride (if it was, it would be called The Expeller or The Contractor), but being secure in that knowledge doesn't mean you're not sad about it. The act of having kids is basically deciding to have this thing depend on you and then let it depend less on you every day, on mostly its own schedule, for the rest of your life. So it's sad to think about my babies getting bigger, but it's also exciting that I'll never have to attend to my own newborn at 3am ever again.

And on that note, here's Noah's reaction to finishing a bowl of oatmeal.

That kid fucking loves oatmeal. )
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I've been thinking a lot about sex pollen and The Raven Cycle, as you do, and I was wondering what the heck happens if Gansey and Blue both get doused with lethal sex pollen that won't wear off unless they hook up with each other? Gansey's gonna die either way then! While my initial solution of "maybe they can wear dental dams while they make out, is that technically okay enough?" is funny, I don't think it's too satisfying plot-wise.
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I think just about everyone knows what The A.V. Club is. I used to be a pretty avid reader of most of the site, checking it at least daily if not several times if I was particularly bored at work, but lately I've basically dropped it from my usual rotation. I was thinking about why this was and I guess it's a combination of a lot of things, primarily:

  • Their mobile site sucks. They changed their ad content, which fine, sites have to make money, but they sometimes run ads on the mobile site which make the site unreadable on my phone. And I do a lot of my internetting on my phone. I can jostle things around and put it into reading mode and that usually works, but eh, effort. Also, their forums suck. See point below.
  • Todd Vanderwerff left. Now, I wasn't a 100% fan of his, as his tendencies to go maudlin and flowery sometimes made me roll my eyes, but at least I usually found his writing fun and I never doubted that he loved TV. lol I don't know why I'm talking about him like he's dead; he's still around on Twitter and Vox, but whatever.
  • Their forums. This is a two-fold problem: 1) they have several very annoying commenters who are every-fucking-where and 2) DISQUS BLOWS GOATS. Seriously, what kind of forum software just goes 'eh, who cares about threading after two replies, let's just have a super-long list that goes on forever!!!' Also, if you happen to be reading one of those super-long lists that should really be a thread, it randomly decides to refresh and all the More Comments you've loaded go away. Nice feature!
  • They keep eliminating the small review boards. Like, I'm sorry that the five 20-year-old boys who are on your site 24/7 making sexist jokes don't watch Revenge, but the people who did actually were fun to interact with.
  • The reviewers of the shows I watch are really uneven. I commented about this on Tumblr, but lol, what the heck is LaToya Ferguson even looking for when she watches Brooklyn Nine-Nine? It's like she's looking for a life-changing experience every time, when it's never pretended to be anything other than a fun sitcom. I like Alasdair Wilkins, who reviews Bob's Burgers (and a bunch of other shows I don't watch) a lot, though. At least he seems to understand the show he's watching.

    So I'll probably start going there once a week and cherry-picking the writers I can stand, while completely ignoring that the comment section exists. This has been old lady yells at cloud!
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    Noah is going to be one-year-old two weeks from today, and it's kind of blowing my mind. He seems like waaaay more of a baby than Nate did at the same age. I don't know if it's because I have Nate to compare him to or because he really does act younger than Nate did at the same age. Nate's a very big boy now; he'll be four in April. How was 2011 four years ago? He's starting to read, he's been completely potty trained for months and months now, and he talks like he's forty-five and has a law degree. I don't fall for his BS, but he's very good at getting adults who aren't his parents to do what he wants. It's impressive and infuriating.

    Noah's actually pretty advanced verbally. He has a handful of words already — duck, dog, car, mama, dada, na (for Nathaniel), tree, bub for bubble, and my husband and I definitely heard him repeat inventor (VENTRRRR) the other day, after he heard it in a book. But he's not anywhere close to walking, whereas Nate was walking at 10 months and running before he was one, and he doesn't seem as good with food/utensils as Nate was at that age. Or maybe I'm just misremembering that, that's totally possible. I know he'll get there, probably pretty soon, but the crawling thing definitely makes him seem like a tiny baby.

    Not that I'm complaining! I'm all for my baby being a baby for a while more because I'm done with the growing new babies part of my life. Since July 2010, I've been pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing with no breaks. I'm not anywhere close to weaning Noah yet because it's easy and nice and I like getting these huge chunks of time every day where I'm both productive and playing on my phone, but wow, am I looking forward to not having to pump ever again. The last day I'm definitely pumping at work is a week from Friday, though I'll probably bring my pump in the next week, too, just in case things get uncomfortable for me from not pumping during the day. DID YOU WANT TO KNOW THAT? OF COURSE YOU DID. And now you do.
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    Now that the midseason replacements are starting up, I guess this is a good time to review where the fall season wound up. Now, I watch a lot of TV, though I only half-pay attention to some of it, as I watch it during my biggest chunk of free time that isn't my lunch hour. So I know a show is good if I actually pay attention to it. At the beginning of fall, I intended to watch Brooklyn 99, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, The Flash, How to Get Away with Murder, About a Boy, Parenthood, Revenge, Elementary, The Red Band Society, New Girl, Reign, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Mindy Project. Now they're divided like this:

    lol this is what happens when i resolve to update dw/lj more )

    As for midseason stuff, I'm picking up Agent Carter and Empire, and of course watching Parks & Recreation's final season. I just saw the Empire did really great in the ratings, too. My husband and I are also slowly working through The 100, I suppose to potentially replace Reign, but we've got about 10 episodes left before we catch up, so who knows when that'll happen?

    HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THIS BORING ENTRY ABOUT HOW I WATCH TOO MUCH TV!! Feel free to navel-gaze about your own television watching habits!
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    Hello, wonderful people of Dreamwidth and Livejournal. Like many of you, I resolve yearly to update more, and like many of you, every year I fail at it. Maybe this is the year I don't! Anyway, not anything too in depth because I'm home with the kids today, but they're both napping, so here's my Yuletide round-up.

    fics written for me, fics I wrote, fics I recced )

    So how are all of you doing? Everyone having a good 2015?
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    Dear Yuletide Writer,

    So we've come to that time of year again, the one we started thinking about in August or so. Or maybe this is your first time doing Yuletide, in which case you're a brave, brave soul, and I admire you for that. Anyway, thank you for offering to write in one or more of my fandoms. You're great! Let's get on with it!

    Fandoms: The Raven Cycle, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friday Night Lights, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia )
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    I wrote three fics for Yuletide, all of which were way better received than I would have guessed while I was writing them. So yay!

    Here's My Hat, And By the Way, I'm a Virgin, The Internship, Neha/Stuart, 2585 words, R - My original assignment! kissoffools and I actually matched on two fandoms/character sets, so I also have half of a Maze Runner fic for her on my hard drive, which I might finish for NYR. Anyway, this was a blast to write. I thought this movie was kind of dumb when I first saw it, but the characters are surprisingly adorable and it got under my skin in such a way that I offered it for Yuletide. And in researching for the fic, I got to watch the unrated version with 1000% more boobs in Dylan O'Brien's face! So there's that.

    Bribery Will Get You Everywhere, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Santiago/Peralta, 2940 words, PG - The one where Santiago has no friends and drags Peralta to her family's Christmas party. The only unsurprising thing about this was that it was my most popular one, and that's because I wrote it as a treat in two hours. My fics always work out that way.

    Choosing Me (or The Kelly Taylor Principle), The Mindy Project, Mindy/Danny, Mindy/Casey, 3665 words, PG - My recipient asked for an AU where Mindy doesn't go to Haiti, which I pretty much used as an excuse to write a lot of 90's references. But I feel like Mindy Kaling would approve of that.
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    By some miracle, I managed to make it through the Yuletide archive before reveals, so I'm even making recs and junk. Amazing!

    Fics for me

    I got threeeee because life is wonderful, and they were all totally awesome.

    Two Parks and Recreation/Welcome to Night Vale fics, one Teen Wolf RPF fic )

    Other Recs

    16 recs in the following fandoms: 30 Rock, Archer, Arrested Development, Avengers Arena/Runaways, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Elementary, Macdonald Hall, Matilda, Miss Saigon, New Girl, Orphan Black, Saga, Satan's Alley/Tropic Thunder, Saturday Night Live, and Wreck-It Ralph )

    I'll edit in author names after the reveals, and you can also find all of my recs on AO3 right here.

    Baby #2!

    Jul. 30th, 2013 02:20 pm
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    Some of you already know this, but I'm pregnant again! I'm 13 weeks along and due on February 3, 2014. It seems like a long way away, but I'm sure it'll fly by. The eight weeks I waited to tell anyone (other than my husband, obviously) certainly did. Nathaniel's very excited to be a big brother -- he'll be nearly three when the new baby is born.

    Pictures of my 12 week ultrasound and Nate wearing his World's Best Brother Shirt )

    I'm around and checking my flists here, but I'm mostly on Tumblr these days because I've only been absorbing fandoms instead of participating in them. I reblog a lot of Welcome to Night Vale, Teen Wolf, Arrested Development, and New Girl, so if that sort of thing interests you, come on over. :D
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    So someone on Team Philly or Ash or whoever sees this. I didn't realize that Philadelphia tickets for FOB's 5/30 show aren't going on sale until Saturday, which is a really inconvenient day for me to buy tickets, so if someone is willing to buy me a ticket, too, I'd be very grateful! I can pay you back right away, so you don't have to worry about the money hanging over your head.


    Jan. 25th, 2013 04:55 pm
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    I've spent part of this week getting caught up with my comics and basically it's all Adventure Time and Avengers up in here. Does anyone want to talk about Fionna and Cake with me? Because it's super great. I really like the Land of Aaa and the Ice King's fanfiction. I think my favorite part is how the Ice Queen is actually pretty scary and competent, whereas the Ice King tastes lonely (thanks for prompting that, Lemongrab).

    As for the Avengers )
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    Guys, talk about Revenge with me. The show I mean; in the future, I'll make a post about smiting my enemies.

    I haven't done a LJ cut in a billion years. Spoilers! )
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    Now that I've been back at work for a while, it's come to my attention that the two years I was at home were kind of non-time for me? As in, I kind of didn't realize the passage of time was happening. I blame it on sleep deprivation. Like, my days in Harry Potter fandom feel really long ago; I started my LJ nearly ten years ago and I was last active there in 2005, and that sounds right. On the other hand, I got into bandom nearly six years ago and it doesn't feel like six years at all, even though I pretty much left that fandom two years ago. Fucking time, what's your deal? No wonder I'm so baffled that Nate's 21 months old now. I even typed 20 months first!

    I've been working on a fic for no reason at all, so that's exciting. I made myself promise I wouldn't do any fests this year other than Yuletide because I wind up resenting the parameters and the deadlines, and that's not fair to anyone. Of course, I also do fests in order to assure that I'll finish anything, but it's only work I like about half the time. If I write stuff just because I feel like writing, my personal success rate seems higher, though I finish less. But I also tentatively gave myself a 10,000 words per month goal, which doesn't sound like much, but it totally is for me. I'm a fast writer, but I can only carve out so much free time for it, so a writing goal of more than about 500 words a day is lofty at best and self-defeatingly frustrating at worst. Besides, if I actually hit it, I will have written about 10 times what I did last year.

    Oh, I watched the Golden Globes last night and the main things I took away from it were that I'd be into Amy Poehler/George Clooney, and Anne Hathaway looked like she was wearing a sparkly bath towel. Also, I remembered I actually hate awards season, even though every year I convince myself I love it.
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    First, Yuletide reveals, of course. I wrote three things:

    Just Get Down, Another Takedown for [ profile] Agnes_Bean, Revenge, Nolan/Emily, PG-13, 5600 words.

    My main assignment, which I was totally stoked to get, because Agnes_Bean's request was perfect. However, holy crap is it ever hard to write in Revenge! I had no idea until I actually sat down to try. This was definitely one of those pulling my hair out fics and I think it shows. Nolan's easy to write because he's such an over-the-top character, but it's really hard to A) get a handle on Emily and B) make it seem like her feelings for Nolan are genuine. I did what I could on both counts, but don't feel like I did that great. I might try again! Either way, I'm glad my recipient liked it.

    Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into for [ profile] bewarethesmirk, Teen Wolf RPF, Tyler Posey/Dylan O'Brien, R, 1017 words.

    I wrote this treat in an hour. :D It's shower porn!

    Dr. Bruno Walton, At Your Service for [ profile] melkyre, Gordon Korman's Macdonald Hall, Bruno and Boots Gen, G, 561 words

    Just a little treat about Bruno playing doctor. Terrifying! And reviving my writing Mac Hall for Yuletide habit, which I've always liked. I've written 6 Macdonald Hall fics, and 5 have been for Yuletide.


    In return, I got two lovely gifts:

    The Cake Is A Lie by [ profile] Mosca, Revenge, Nolan/Padma, PG, 1212 words

    A lovely little piece about Nolan and Padma, and the games Emily and Nolan play with each other. It had just the right edge that a Revenge fic should have, I think.

    We Shape the Future Ourselves by [ profile] comixologist, Runaways, Chase/Gert, G, 623 words

    I got a treat! :D! It's the fix-it fic I craved for Runaways and the author (whose name I adore, BTW) said she thinks she has some bigger ideas that she wants to play with. I can't wait!


    And then a few more recs, for good measure:

    Escapades Out on the D Train by [ profile] spoilers, Baby-Sitters Club, Claudia/Ashley, PG, 4239 words

    College-aged Claudia fic! This is so cute, especially when Stacey figures out that Claudia is dating Ashley before Claudia even does. Also, there's Mary Anne buying dirty lingerie, which is definitely how she'd be at 18.

    Wish Orbs Are Serious Lumping Business by [ profile] yeats, Parks and Recreation/Adventure Time, LSP gen, G, 2045 words

    Never in a million years would I have pinned this crossover on yeats, but I should have because it's adorable and funny and well-written, which is all her. P&R and AT are pretty much my two favorite shows currently airing and if Lumpy Space Princess was going to switch bodies with anyone on this plane of existence, it would 100% be Donna Meagle. SO CUTE.

    Nothing But a Line by [ profile] lordessrenegade, Stephen King's The Long Walk, Gen, R, 3819 words

    And here's another fic written by someone I know, who is so sneaky that I never suspected her at all. JAI! I have this weird fascination with The Long Walk, I don't know why. I guess I like reading about teenagers suffering in dystopias??? But anyway, this is a great look at the book from another POV. Excellent, excellent stuff.

    The Disorient Express by [ profile] screamlet, Political Animals, Gen, PG, 4115 words

    T.J., Doug, Anne, and Margaret go on a trip to Europe together because they want to escape T.J. and Doug's parents and T.J.'s grandma is his best friend. I think all I wanted out of PA was some gen family fic, which is a little different than most people in fandom? But this scratched that itch perfectly.


    One of my resolutions is to update here more often instead of just posting pictures of the baby to Twitter or reblogging shit on Tumblr, lolol. We'll see how that goes.
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