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marks ([personal profile] marks) wrote2013-07-30 02:20 pm

Baby #2!

Some of you already know this, but I'm pregnant again! I'm 13 weeks along and due on February 3, 2014. It seems like a long way away, but I'm sure it'll fly by. The eight weeks I waited to tell anyone (other than my husband, obviously) certainly did. Nathaniel's very excited to be a big brother -- he'll be nearly three when the new baby is born.

Pictures of my 12 week ultrasound and Nate wearing his World's Best Brother Shirt:

12 weeks, 5 days to be exact. Baby is very healthy; I saw the heartbeat at 8 weeks and it waved at us at the 12 week. Then it flipped around and mooned us. Definitely our kid.

And here's Nate looking adorable in the cutest shirt ever. I can't wait for them to meet!

I'm around and checking my flists here, but I'm mostly on Tumblr these days because I've only been absorbing fandoms instead of participating in them. I reblog a lot of Welcome to Night Vale, Teen Wolf, Arrested Development, and New Girl, so if that sort of thing interests you, come on over. :D

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