Oct. 3rd, 2016

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It's that time of year again! Hello, Yuletide writer, happy to foist my wants on you. :D I think this is my 13th time doing Yuletide, which is just insanity. But it's the only thing I still reliably do in fandom because it's so much fun and I want you to have fun! I'm an easy assignment, really. I like gen! I like shippy fic! I like all ratings! I do prefer happy endings most of the time, but if you're really pulling yourself in a not-happy ending direction and it makes sense, I'm sure I can get behind that too. I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] Marks on AO3 and [tumblr.com profile] nonnegative on tumblr, if you want to poke around to see what I'm into.

Here are some basic guidelines, but go nuts if that's more your thing:

Likes: hurt/comfort, sex pollen, wingfic, kissing, bodyswap, uptight characters totally losing it, rich characters losing their wealth for whatever reason, repression, fake marriages/dating, huddling for warmth, being stuck somewhere due to kidnapping or avalanche or [insert whatever reason you'd like here], that thing where one thing in canon diverges so everything is different but familiar and only one character is aware that anything's happened, Groundhog Day AUs. Also, I've been weirdly into one character hypnotizing another lately? I don't know, feel free to do something with that.

Dislikes: lots of background pairings, bashing canonical pairings, most mundane modern AUs, gore, major character death, BDSM, power differentials, A/B/O dynamics

Now for my specific requests:

Spring Awakening, Heathers, The Good Place, Six of Crows Series )


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