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I don't have huge hope that 2017 will be an improvement on 2016, but stranger things have happened I guess. On that cheerful note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Here's a roundup of the stuff I wrote for Yuletide:

My assignment:
The Medium Place, The Good Place, Eleanor/Chidi, 4500 words, T - The one where Eleanor convinces TPTB to create The Medium Place and gets put in charge of it.

Got commended for my worldbuilding a lot on this one, and since my worldbuilding basically consisted of listing a lot of stuff I find mundane and annoying, I loved those comments dearly.

Full-length treats:
Never Stop Winning, Yuri!!! on Ice, Yuuri/Victor, 2500 words, E - Skating, Victor, winning, sex, love, they were all jumbled up together in Yuuri's head as one big thing, and Victor just counted himself lucky for being the person Yuuri fixated on.

lol had to get a YOI treat in there for the first and last year this will be Yuletide eligible. Also wanted the excuse to write some porn, not that I ever need much of an excuse for that.

An Irrevocable Condition, In the Heights - Miranda, Sonny/Graffiti Pete, 1500 words, T - Then later he told Usnavi he was taking two art classes this semester and all Usnavi did was smirk knowingly at him. Which. Fuck off, Usnavi.

I love In the Heights and have always kind of wanted to write something for it, so I'm glad I got a chance. Sonny's just so cute, and one of the ten-thousand drafts for the musical had Sonny and Graffiti Pete kissing during the blackout, so I was glad I wasn't making up the subtext I saw there.

Dead Things Can't Grow, Heathers (1988), Veronica/Heather Chandler, 1050 words, T - It’s been eight years since The Incident, which is what Veronica calls it in her head. Calling it The Incident sounds so innocent, like it was the time cow tipping went wrong, which in some small way it was.

One of those fics where I was laughing at myself as I wrote it, but I'm not sure anyone other than me found it funny. Dark humor! At least the people who read it seemed to like it. :D

Madness treats:
Whipped, Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo, Wylan/Jesper, 240 words - Jesper watching Wylan sleep, like a creeper.

Tangible, Gordon Korman - Macdonald Hall, Bruno/Boots, 350 words - Boots literally running to get letters from Bruno when they go to different universities.

Read them, if you'd like! Or don't! I like you all anyway. :D
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I haven't had a chance to collect Yuletide recs together anywhere other than my AO3 bookmarks, but before reveals happen, here are the very very lovely gifts for me:

if there's one fool for you, then I am it by [ profile] Sonni89, The Good Place, Chidi/Eleanor, PG, 6,574 words

The Meaning of Things by [ profile] chiana606, Spring Awakening - Sheik/Sater, Hanschen/Ernst, PG, 814 words

A Whisper by [ profile] Missy (who also wrote me a treat last year!! she's great!!), Heathers, Veronica/JD (sort of), PG, 100 words

People are so generous!! I love Yuletide.

I wrote six things altogether - my assignment, three full-length treats in the Yuletide collection, and two ficlets in the Madness collection. I think my assignment is very obviously me, and one of the treats is obvious just because of the fandom. The rest, I don't know! But they're all doing pretty well; they've all got at least two handfuls of kudos and all of them have comments, including the Madness things.

But anyway, I DM'd [personal profile] mousapelli one of them because I thought she'd like it and she never uses Tumblr so she won't see it once I do a reveals post, but then I realized I have a LJ/DW! Which I can use! Any time I want! So I'm going to try to do that. I'm also going to set up an all-fandom Twitter in the next couple of days because my Twitter now is locked and RL, but fandom stuff has been bleeding onto it a LOT lately, and I don't really need ex-coworkers or my sister-in-law stumbling onto my revealing replies accidentally. So I'll link that here once it exists!

In other fandom stuff, if you follow me on tumblr, you already know that I'm swimming toward the deep end of Yuri!!! on Ice fandom. It's been nice because people from basically every major fandom I've ever been in are in it, too! And the fic is good, at least what I've read, because it's late December and not only is that drowning in fic time usually, but I've also got a 5 and 2 year old so I have lots of fun holiday stuff. Ten years ago, I would be in a fic coma, but now I'm just in a new loud toys and Lego building one.

But anyway, I wrote one thing about a week ago already, which is here, and I have three wips going at once, which is frankly an astronomical number for me.
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It's that time of year again! Hello, Yuletide writer, happy to foist my wants on you. :D I think this is my 13th time doing Yuletide, which is just insanity. But it's the only thing I still reliably do in fandom because it's so much fun and I want you to have fun! I'm an easy assignment, really. I like gen! I like shippy fic! I like all ratings! I do prefer happy endings most of the time, but if you're really pulling yourself in a not-happy ending direction and it makes sense, I'm sure I can get behind that too. I'm [ profile] Marks on AO3 and [ profile] nonnegative on tumblr, if you want to poke around to see what I'm into.

Here are some basic guidelines, but go nuts if that's more your thing:

Likes: hurt/comfort, sex pollen, wingfic, kissing, bodyswap, uptight characters totally losing it, rich characters losing their wealth for whatever reason, repression, fake marriages/dating, huddling for warmth, being stuck somewhere due to kidnapping or avalanche or [insert whatever reason you'd like here], that thing where one thing in canon diverges so everything is different but familiar and only one character is aware that anything's happened, Groundhog Day AUs. Also, I've been weirdly into one character hypnotizing another lately? I don't know, feel free to do something with that.

Dislikes: lots of background pairings, bashing canonical pairings, most mundane modern AUs, gore, major character death, BDSM, power differentials, A/B/O dynamics

Now for my specific requests:

Spring Awakening, Heathers, The Good Place, Six of Crows Series )
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Happy New Year, DW/LJ! Yuletide reveals were yesterday, and I linked everything I wrote/everything I received here.

In me news, both the kids are doing great (Nate is almost five and starts Kindergarten this year, and Noah will be two in three weeks because time refuses to stop moving), my job is great, I'm going back to school part time at the end of January. I saw The Force Awakens the other day and loved it and I finished Galavant yesterday and loved that, too. I hope everyone turned out to have a decent 2015, and that 2016 is even better for you!
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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015,

Well, I guess I'm your assignment. I'm not the worst assignment to have! This is my twelfth straight Yuletide, which borders on unbelievable, but considering I've spent over a decade participating in this, I obviously like it a little bit. Okay, a lot. Fine, it's my favorite time of the year.

Right up front: I believe optional details are optional. You won't offend me by going off book. I read het, slash, femslash, and gen. I read all ratings. On AO3, I'm [ profile] Marks if you want to see my fic or fic I've bookmarked over there. I forget to bookmark most of the time, so don't take that as the be and end all of fic I've liked, but it's a jumping off point.

Likes: Hurt/comfort, sex pollen, drinking games, fake marriages/dating, kissing, unexpected sweetness, hiding out in places where discovery is a distinct and terrible possibility, bodyswap, canon divergent AUs where one thing changes EVERYTHING!, angst with a happy ending, uptight characters totally losing it, and loose cannon characters repressing something.

Dislikes: Really dark fic, gore, death, BDSM, large age and/or power differences, A/B/O dynamics, bashing canonical relationships in order to hook up non-canonical ones, total AUs. What I mean by that is I don't want a high school AU for Turn or Hamilton, but setting an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fic in high school is 100% okay because they went to high school together.

Now for what I requested: )
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Hello, wonderful people of Dreamwidth and Livejournal. Like many of you, I resolve yearly to update more, and like many of you, every year I fail at it. Maybe this is the year I don't! Anyway, not anything too in depth because I'm home with the kids today, but they're both napping, so here's my Yuletide round-up.

fics written for me, fics I wrote, fics I recced )

So how are all of you doing? Everyone having a good 2015?
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

So we've come to that time of year again, the one we started thinking about in August or so. Or maybe this is your first time doing Yuletide, in which case you're a brave, brave soul, and I admire you for that. Anyway, thank you for offering to write in one or more of my fandoms. You're great! Let's get on with it!

Fandoms: The Raven Cycle, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friday Night Lights, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia )
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I wrote three fics for Yuletide, all of which were way better received than I would have guessed while I was writing them. So yay!

Here's My Hat, And By the Way, I'm a Virgin, The Internship, Neha/Stuart, 2585 words, R - My original assignment! kissoffools and I actually matched on two fandoms/character sets, so I also have half of a Maze Runner fic for her on my hard drive, which I might finish for NYR. Anyway, this was a blast to write. I thought this movie was kind of dumb when I first saw it, but the characters are surprisingly adorable and it got under my skin in such a way that I offered it for Yuletide. And in researching for the fic, I got to watch the unrated version with 1000% more boobs in Dylan O'Brien's face! So there's that.

Bribery Will Get You Everywhere, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Santiago/Peralta, 2940 words, PG - The one where Santiago has no friends and drags Peralta to her family's Christmas party. The only unsurprising thing about this was that it was my most popular one, and that's because I wrote it as a treat in two hours. My fics always work out that way.

Choosing Me (or The Kelly Taylor Principle), The Mindy Project, Mindy/Danny, Mindy/Casey, 3665 words, PG - My recipient asked for an AU where Mindy doesn't go to Haiti, which I pretty much used as an excuse to write a lot of 90's references. But I feel like Mindy Kaling would approve of that.
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By some miracle, I managed to make it through the Yuletide archive before reveals, so I'm even making recs and junk. Amazing!

Fics for me

I got threeeee because life is wonderful, and they were all totally awesome.

Two Parks and Recreation/Welcome to Night Vale fics, one Teen Wolf RPF fic )

Other Recs

16 recs in the following fandoms: 30 Rock, Archer, Arrested Development, Avengers Arena/Runaways, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Elementary, Macdonald Hall, Matilda, Miss Saigon, New Girl, Orphan Black, Saga, Satan's Alley/Tropic Thunder, Saturday Night Live, and Wreck-It Ralph )

I'll edit in author names after the reveals, and you can also find all of my recs on AO3 right here.
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First, Yuletide reveals, of course. I wrote three things:

Just Get Down, Another Takedown for [ profile] Agnes_Bean, Revenge, Nolan/Emily, PG-13, 5600 words.

My main assignment, which I was totally stoked to get, because Agnes_Bean's request was perfect. However, holy crap is it ever hard to write in Revenge! I had no idea until I actually sat down to try. This was definitely one of those pulling my hair out fics and I think it shows. Nolan's easy to write because he's such an over-the-top character, but it's really hard to A) get a handle on Emily and B) make it seem like her feelings for Nolan are genuine. I did what I could on both counts, but don't feel like I did that great. I might try again! Either way, I'm glad my recipient liked it.

Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into for [ profile] bewarethesmirk, Teen Wolf RPF, Tyler Posey/Dylan O'Brien, R, 1017 words.

I wrote this treat in an hour. :D It's shower porn!

Dr. Bruno Walton, At Your Service for [ profile] melkyre, Gordon Korman's Macdonald Hall, Bruno and Boots Gen, G, 561 words

Just a little treat about Bruno playing doctor. Terrifying! And reviving my writing Mac Hall for Yuletide habit, which I've always liked. I've written 6 Macdonald Hall fics, and 5 have been for Yuletide.


In return, I got two lovely gifts:

The Cake Is A Lie by [ profile] Mosca, Revenge, Nolan/Padma, PG, 1212 words

A lovely little piece about Nolan and Padma, and the games Emily and Nolan play with each other. It had just the right edge that a Revenge fic should have, I think.

We Shape the Future Ourselves by [ profile] comixologist, Runaways, Chase/Gert, G, 623 words

I got a treat! :D! It's the fix-it fic I craved for Runaways and the author (whose name I adore, BTW) said she thinks she has some bigger ideas that she wants to play with. I can't wait!


And then a few more recs, for good measure:

Escapades Out on the D Train by [ profile] spoilers, Baby-Sitters Club, Claudia/Ashley, PG, 4239 words

College-aged Claudia fic! This is so cute, especially when Stacey figures out that Claudia is dating Ashley before Claudia even does. Also, there's Mary Anne buying dirty lingerie, which is definitely how she'd be at 18.

Wish Orbs Are Serious Lumping Business by [ profile] yeats, Parks and Recreation/Adventure Time, LSP gen, G, 2045 words

Never in a million years would I have pinned this crossover on yeats, but I should have because it's adorable and funny and well-written, which is all her. P&R and AT are pretty much my two favorite shows currently airing and if Lumpy Space Princess was going to switch bodies with anyone on this plane of existence, it would 100% be Donna Meagle. SO CUTE.

Nothing But a Line by [ profile] lordessrenegade, Stephen King's The Long Walk, Gen, R, 3819 words

And here's another fic written by someone I know, who is so sneaky that I never suspected her at all. JAI! I have this weird fascination with The Long Walk, I don't know why. I guess I like reading about teenagers suffering in dystopias??? But anyway, this is a great look at the book from another POV. Excellent, excellent stuff.

The Disorient Express by [ profile] screamlet, Political Animals, Gen, PG, 4115 words

T.J., Doug, Anne, and Margaret go on a trip to Europe together because they want to escape T.J. and Doug's parents and T.J.'s grandma is his best friend. I think all I wanted out of PA was some gen family fic, which is a little different than most people in fandom? But this scratched that itch perfectly.


One of my resolutions is to update here more often instead of just posting pictures of the baby to Twitter or reblogging shit on Tumblr, lolol. We'll see how that goes.

Not dead!

Nov. 4th, 2012 01:43 pm
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You'll be pleased(?) to know I didn't die from the blackout! I did have more stress than I remember having in forever, though, especially when Nate got sick. It was just a bad cold, but I convinced myself he had pneumonia or something else terrible. We have power again, though my dad, my brother and his girlfriend, my brother-in-law and his wife, and both of my aunts all don't, and we have a gas shortage, so travel is tough. Something like 600,000 PSE&G customers are still without power and that's only the biggest electric company in New Jersey. Never mind ConEd or JCP&L or what have you. It's been nearly a week! I'm not too hot on Mother Nature right now, is what I'm saying.

But the nice mods at the Teen Wolf fall festival gave me an extension, and my Yuletide assignment is A++++++ for me, so there's that. Also in all the excitement, I totally forgot to mention that I got a new job. It's perfect for me: an admin position in academia, nearby to my house and Nate's new daycare (sob), great benefits, nice coworkers, and an office that apparently orders a lot of free food. I worked for one week, then got an entire week off because of the power situation. I hope I haven't forgotten my week of training. D: But yay, job! Even if there's separation anxiety all up in my house now.

Oh, and even with my slow do every week twice method, I successfully ran Week 5, Day 1 of Couch-to-5K today. I feel very accomplished.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Here I am just copying and pasting the text of my sign-up so you have it all in one place along with my likes and dislikes:

This is the year for Runaways, Awkward., Revenge, or Ghostbusters. )
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I wrote The Adventure of the Watson League for [personal profile] fourthage, Watson gen for Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant fandom, which was a lot of fun to write, but in first person??? I figured it was okay since the only two fandoms I like reading first person fic in are Holmes and The Baby-Sitters Club. Next year I figure out a way to request both of those for Yuletide.

I recieved Everything (ha!), Seth Meyers/Stefon for Saturday Night Live by [personal profile] florahart. I saw myself on the pinch hit list and guessed the fic I got was written by someone who knows me, and I was totally right. :D :D :D Anyway, Flora did an excellent job, the fic is a blast and you should read it post-haste.

Happy 2012!!


Dec. 25th, 2011 09:29 am
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I haven't even read it yet and I'm posting from my phone because I won't even be home till tonight, but I totally got Stefon fic for Yuletide and I am PSYCHED.
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And here's my annual "so you got me for Yuletide" letter. Generally, I like humor, misunderstandings, people who are bad at feelings, and shows that are always on the brink of cancellation (though that's neither here nor there). I'm what you'd call an easy Yuletide recipient. I just like good, fun stories, told well. So as long as you write me something fun and funny, I'll be thrilled. For me, optional notes are totally optional. One of the best Yuletide fics I've ever gotten ignored my notes completely and was better for it. But in case you're like me and stalk your recipient incessantly, here's more to work with than half a year's worth of baby pictures:

Saturday Night Live, Parks and Rec, and Community -- I swear I don't work for NBC )

Woo! Hope you have a great time writing for me!
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Happy New Year, everyone! I'm very excited about 2011 for obvious reasons, and I hope this is going to be a great year.

Anyway, [ profile] yuletide reveals are up. I haven't quite gotten around to reading everything I want yet, so expect the latest ever Yuletide recs post at some point. :D But I wrote three fics (yes, I got a little carried away at the end):

Christmas Wrapping - Parks and Recreation Gen, Leslie-centric with some Ron, 2422 words, G for [ profile] emilys_list - Leslie tries to make having Christmas alone work. This was my original assignment and I looooved writing in Parks & Rec fandom. If you couldn't tell, I'm kind of gravitating toward sitcom fandoms now. And if you couldn't before, you will after the next two fics.

Tapdancing in a Minefield - Modern Family, Alex/McKenzie, 1579 words, PG for [ profile] semirose - So, I was reading DYT letters and I saw that Semmi wanted a Modern Family fic about Alex a few years down the line questioning her sexuality and I thought yes, I want to write that. So I did! McKenzie actually isn't an OC, but she's close enough as she's never been on the show, but Haley's "I was McKenzie. I invented McKenzie" makes me laugh whenever I think about it, and there was my inspiration.

I guess this was my big fic this year? I was really surprised by the reaction I got to it. It's always the fics I write in a couple of hours that turn out that way. :D

Three Men and a Baby Minus a Man - Community, Abed/Troy-ish, 595 words, G for [ profile] shoemaster - Shoe likes Troy/Abed and babies and so do I. So I wrote about Abed finding one. You know how it is.

Incidentally, Shoe and Lea had a whole conversation about this fic where I could see it and I had to sit on my hands and not yell IT WAS ME. So anyway, Shoe, IT WAS ME.


I'd also like to thank lightningwaltz and [ profile] everysecondtues for my two wonderful A Softer World fics, and I want lists of all the strips that inspired you ASAP. :D
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CHRISTMAS IS SO TIRING. I've been to my grandparents' house, my in-laws' house, my dad's apartment, a restaurant, and my aunt and uncle's apartment between yesterday and today, and now I'm ready to sleep until 2011.

Every person I haven't seen in a while went on and on about how great I looked, and while this is fantastic for my ego, I eventually realized that since I look pretty much the same as I did last year that this is actually code for "OMG, you're pregnant, but you haven't gained weight anywhere but your belly." Which is true, but you don't have to look so surprised about it.

At my aunt's house, some of my girl cousins and I were sitting around together chatting about Jersey Shore and skydiving and Power Rangers, and my youngest teenie cousin says she was never a Power Rangers girl because she was into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and you had to be one or the other, like you're either Harry Potter or Twilight. Now, teenie cousin is pretty much my clone minus ten years, so I already know she's a HP person and a bandom person (specifically a Ryan/Brendon person -- the things you learn googling your relatives), but our other cousin pipes up with "I like HP more, but I really only care about Harry/Draco." Seriously, I see this side of the family twice a year; is this stuff genetic? As far as I know, none of them are on LJ/DW currently, but maybe I'm about to get a surprise.

I really did have a fantastic couple of days, but SO FULL and SO TIRED.

Now to read my Yuletide gift before bed. I'm excited about it already: maybe next year is the year (maybe last year), a fic for A Softer World (!!!) with a summary that includes the words "dystopian government," which are like magic words to me. *__*

Yuletide recs coming, probably starting tomorrow!
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So you might have noticed I've been MIA for a while. I wasn't really completely away, but writing up posts just seemed to be the last thing on my mind. In the last month, I've moved into a new house, found out I'm having a BOY, found out that my amniotic fluid is on the low side, which means lots and lots of ultrasounds, and wrote a decent amount of fic.

Fic Stuff
- I finished [ profile] yuletide and I'm considering writing a treat for madness, but I don't know if I'll have the time. I have to wrap so many presents still, and my grandparents asked if our usual evening Christmas Eve get together could be bumped up to the afternoon, so I'm not sure. We'll see!
- I wrote a fic for [ profile] boostlethon, which I type "boostlethong" every time. It's here. I also have to read and review the fic for me! I'll do that today, once I get back from a last-minute Toys 'R Us trip.
- I also wrote for [ profile] sheldon_penny's Saturnalia exchange, which you might have seen yesterday. That's posted here.

No bandom at all! That said, I still have a few more fics I owe people, bandom included. I may also do [ profile] no_tags, since I was so sad about missing out last year. I mean, I might as well get in all the writing I can before spring rolls around and I have a little dependent thing taking up all my time. :D

Moving Stuff

- Moving is always tiring, but about ten times more when pregnant. I know, I know, great revelations. :D Either way, my house is beaaaaaautiful. I walk around going "I love my house!" all the time. Well, not out loud, but it's a close call. And our new furniture and appliances have all been delivered and we're almost unpacked already! Pretty good for only living here two weeks.

Baby Stuff

- Yes, Baby is a BOY. And a show-off. Like I said, I have slightly low amniotic fluid (which went up as of my last checkup \o/), which they found at my 20 week anatomy scan. I was really closer to 21 weeks then, now I'm at 25 weeks. Anyway, that means I got sent to the hospital for a scan on a better ultrasound machine and also that I got to start my "go every two weeks" checks about ten weeks earlier than I'd originally expected. That also means that I've had four ultrasounds since Thanksgiving, and kid has a personality. At the last one, the tech was like "oh, I hope you know what you're having" because the baby was like LOOK AT MY PENIS as soon as they started scanning me. [ profile] drunktuesdays said I'm carrying the spirit of Pete Wentz, which is a horrifying thing to say to an expecting mother. Once he was done showing off, he looked straight at the camera and had his hands on either side of his face. My husband said he looked like he was pointing at us all TONIGHT, YOU. I love my creepy baby.
- Low fluid or not, the baby's anatomy is 100% great and he already weighs about 1.8 pounds. \o/ Just stay in there for three more months, kiddo.
- Now that holiday stuff is winding down, I can start focusing on baby stuff and jeez, we need a lot of stuff. BABIES NEED A LOT OF STUFF, DID YOU KNOW?
- He just kicked me for the ten thousandth time this morning.

...Yeah, that was long. I really have to update more often.
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To everyone this applies to, thank you for your kind words. They really helped.

To anyone who's thinking of participating in Yuletide, but doesn't have an Archive of Our Own account yet, I have one invite code, if you need it? Just drop me a comment. Taken!

And now my Yuletide letter! )
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* If a fandom you love has somehow been overlooked in the 4398 fandoms nominated for Yuletide, you have three more hours to get them in there. I nominated Hellcats, The Like RPF (and added Annie to the character list, yay \o/), Macdonald Hall, The Flash, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video, and A Softer World. The last two are ones I added to the database and my interpretation of characters is laughable. I'm thinking of only volunteering to write for comedic fandoms, at least initially -- who knows what I'll wind up picking up in pinch-hits?

* [ profile] strobelighted mailed me the best congratulations card. I love you, Ils! :D Baby's fine and I have another check-up a week from now. I own one whole maternity shirt now, which was a gift.

* The weekend before last, I went to stay with [ profile] mousapelli, as I do, and besides bonding with her five guinea pigs and trying to claim her body pillow for my own, I also got addicted to The Big Bang Theory. Trust me, I'm as surprised as you are, but Sara sat me down and made me watch the first season and half of the second season because she knew I'd love it. She was right. When I got home, I mainlined the rest of the series, and now I'm reading fic. It's a bigger fandom than I would have guessed! Good, too. Anyway, there may be recs later.

* Did you wear purple today?
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God Bless Us, Evan Chambers, Cappie/Casey/Evan, 3779 words, PG. Originally written for stealstheashes for Yuletide 2009, reposted for completeness. No warnings (unless dick jokes count), comments welcome.

You know A Christmas Carol? It's like that, only with Evan fixing his stupid mistakes )
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Once Things Look Up, Z/Tennessee, PG, 4454 words. Originally written for kinetikatrue for Yuletide 2009, reposted for completeness. World War II women pilots AU. No warnings, all comments welcome!

Z's parents had plans for her. )
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Better Than None at All, Bonnie & Damon Gen, PG, 2166 words. Originally written for mystikheather for Yuletide 2009, reposted for completeness. No warnings, comments welcome.

Bonnie didn't mean for it to happen. But that was kind of a clichéd thing to say, wasn't it? )
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My favorite time of the New Year, when Yuletide reveals are made. :D

Thank you to [ profile] boundbyspells and [ profile] htbthomas for my lovely Community fics! I really did love them both.

I wrote... a lot and I'll probably repost the text here for completeness in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, here are my fics:

The Vampire Diaries (TV version) - Better Than None at All, Bonnie & Damon gen, T, 2160 words. A big challenge, but an enjoyable one. My request was for Damon saving someone with no gain to himself, which, well, it's Damon. :D I think I did an okay job at it, though.

The Like RPF - Once Things Look Up, Z/Tennessee, T, 4454 words, WWII AU. This one was pretty obviously me, considering I didn't comment on a Like fic. I wrote this in one day. I took a pinch hit on the 22nd, thinking oh, I'll bang out 1000 words of Z and mostly ignore the prompt, but kinetikatrue's prompt for a WAC pilot AU was too intriguing to me. Much googling and frantic writing took place and I ended up with 4500 words. I think I did all right, considering the time crunch.

Greek - God Bless Us, Evan Chambers, Casey/Cappie/Evan, T, 3779 words. Wrote this one in a day, too. LOL self, what were you thinking? Well, I know exactly what I was thinking: I WANT TO WRITE [ profile] stealstheashes' PROMPT AND FIX THE GREEK FINALE! So I did, and made Lea read it over and only published it when she gushed at me. :D

Community - Next Step: Blood Transfusions, Abed/Troy, G, 308 words. Mistletoe Yuletide treat for [ profile] loveyouallwrong! I love her and I love them and this is what came out.

Macdonald Hall - A Grand Gesture Involving Piranhas, Cathy/Diane, G, 280 words. Yuletide means Mac Hall and this year is no different. :D I think this means Mac Hall finally qualifies as one of my remix fandoms now. It only took me about four years.

In case you're adding in your head, I wrote over 10,000 words for Yuletide. It was a pretty good year as far as distribution of pairings/characters go: I wrote gen, two femslash fics, one slash fic, and one het threesome fic.

Oh, and just for the record? If you hide your hit counts as your normal preferences, it also hides them when you post anonymously, which I should have figured but didn't until I saw one of my fics when I was logged out. You know, for future reference if anyone's not trying to leave an anonymous trail of breadcrumbs.
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I haven't gotten around to reading anyone else's Yuletide recs because I've been unbelievably busy and the archive is slow so I barely got through the stuff I wanted to read by sight alone, but here's some stuff I liked.

First, for me! I got not one, but two Community fics, one full-length and one Yuletide treat:

Ragged Edges, various permutations of Annie/Abed/Troy and Jeff/Annie, M, 3600 words by [ profile] boundbyspells - Really cute! I didn't expect to get both Annie/Abed/Troy and Jeff/Annie when I said I'd be fine with either of them, but I'm happy I got them. I like the idea of Annie finding herself a lot.

Friendly Rivalry, Abed/Troy & Annie/Troy, G, 410 words by [ profile] htbthomas - Annie and Abed fighting over Troy by proving how much trivia they know about him! :D Such a cute little moment between them and Troy cracked me up.

Other recs:

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Later today, WIP amnesty. The time to stop fooling myself is over. :D
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Merry Christmas, everyone! I had a more successful lead-up to the holiday than I usually do; I managed to get out all of my Christmas cards on time, I didn't forget to buy anyone a gift, I got all the way through Christmas Eve dinner, and I wrote so many [ profile] yuletide fics and treats that [ profile] sodamnquirky couldn't help laughing at me today. She also proposed an ultimate crossover that I'll have to detail once reveals go up after the New Year.

Thanks to all of you for being your wonderful selves. Some days I have no idea what I'd do without you. ♥

And thank you, suspiciously lowercase person for my new snowflake cookie in my profile!
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In case anyone didn't see, there were some problems with the final deluge of [ profile] yuletide pinch hits. If you want any of the ones that already went out, you have to email the alternate address in that link, and they're still not sure how the second half are going to go out. Of course it would be Yahoo! that turns out to be the pain in the ass in a year with an entirely new system. :D
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Wow, it's been a long time since I last updated. Um, I'm alive. Clearly. Behind on some stuff, but around. I uploaded my Yuletide fic this morning, nicely sidestepping any of the server problems. \o/ I've been working on my [ profile] popoffacork fic, looking over some people's Yuletide letters for possible stocking stuffers, finishing my shopping and holiday cards, reading a lot, and looking at this picture of Ryan Ross.

Let's see, what else...

Oh! I went to an unofficial reunion/holiday get-together for my high school musicals. It was weird and fun! Everyone looked almost exactly as I remember them, especially the girls, since none of them have receding hairlines. I finally went AWOL on almost all my high school friends about six years ago, and there were some people I hadn't seen at all since I was 17 there, so it was awkward, but I was social and everyone remembered me. Success! It did make me miss singing a bit, though. I haven't done it for anything other than fun in a long time.

Then I went to see The Nutcracker yesterday afternoon, and that was beautiful, but didn't make me miss ballet at all. I was never a dancer at heart. :D
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Jesus, I've been jotting down things I wanted to post about and it's a laundry list now, so here have an info dump!

* The Like is looking for a new keyboardist. I don't know if that means no more Reni ever or if she's just touring with her solo stuff so she can't play backup for The Like, but Ryan let the cat out of the bag a few weeks back that she was why they canceled their NYC showcase, so it's not that surprising. Anyway, [ profile] yeats gave me the tip off because she thought I should audition. Lah's funny like that. Personally, I think she should audition because she's cute and sparkly and The Like probably knows Adam Lambert somehow since everyone seems to.

But seriously, how cute is that flier? GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!

I've also been listening to their cover of Elvis Costello's "You Belong to Me" and it's really hot hearing Z singing stuff like "What are you girls gonna tell your mother?" and all, but I wonder if Tennessee is ever like "My dad plays with him. Ew. :\" over it. I mean, I would be.

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