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Tuesday was my eighth wedding anniversary and I celebrated by taking a final for one of my classes. Only two and a half years till I have my Master's! Part-time in a discipline other than your undergrad takes a long fricking time. But we're going out tomorrow to a real place with reservations and the kids get grandparent baby-sitters for the evening. Win/win.

I'm still on a writing tear. I have a monster WIP which I never intended to be a monster, but might be long enough that I'm going to do a chapter-by-chapter release which I haven't done in years. I've also actually finished a lot of smaller fic:

Thematically Cohesive, Yuri!!! on Ice, Yurio/Otabek, T, 1178 words. Getting back to my roots by having Otabek badly apply makeup for Yuri P. I wrote this like hours after that Welcome to the Madness snippet came out, and I'm basically counting down the days till the full clip comes out.

You Should, ACCA, Jean/Nino, M, 1405 words. Post-series get-together fic. ACCA also had two little OVA clips released this week and I miss it so much. Probably already time for a rewatch.

Also, I last posted to DW a little over a month ago, when I was starting up with Haikyuu!! and now I've finished it, fallen deeply in love with it, and written fic for it:

If You Buy the Moon a Donut, Haikyuu!!, Yamaguchi/Tsukishima, M, 5261 words. That monster WIP I mentioned up there is also for these two, and I came to a point in it where I needed a writing break, so I was like, oh, I'll just write a one-shot for something else. And I wound up getting another idea for them because that's how my brain works. So anyway, if you know Haikyuu!! and ever thought Tsukishima needed to unwind some, this is kind of sort of the fic for you. And if you know Haikyuu!! and thought you'd like it if Yamaguchi burned up with jealousy over Tsukishima, this is definitely the fic for you.

Finally, I'm doing SASO ([community profile] sportsanime) for the first time! SASO is the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics, so just for sports-related anime and manga. But I know a lot of you are interested in those! It lasts all summer and I'm on Team Otabek/Yuri, which filled up after about three hours, so ??? But lots of time still left to sign up. Team sign ups close on the 17th, and grandstand signups close on the 26th. Grandstand is basically if you like prompting people a lot, maybe writing/drawing/making graphics a little, too, but no real commitment.

I've decided that I'm not going to crosspost to LJ anymore after this post, but I'm not deleting anything old over there, so it'll be around as a dead archive. If you're still around and interested in reading my very occasional posts, come follow me at [personal profile] marks. My Twitter and Tumblr are linked in my profile if you're more interested in those!


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