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Chocolate Box round 2 reveals went live overnight, which meant my inbox was filled with author notifications for people I like. :D I got three lovely fics:

Trothplight - Inui/Kaidoh, Prince of Tennis, G, 869 words by specialrhino - Tripping into an engagement in a cathedral, like all my pairings like to. :D This is just cuteness all over. And it includes Inui harassing Tezuka because that's the way things should be.

Oh My God, Finally - Phichit/Chris, Yuri!!! on ICE, E, 1746 words by Halrloprillalar - My beloved Hal wrote me a beloved treat, and basically it's perfect? It starts with Phichit and Chris roleplaying as Yuri and Victor a little too publicly and goes from there. I mean, obviously it's good, it's Hal!! Just read it.

The Warmth of the Sun - Gojyo/Hakkai, Saiyuki, T, 1227 words by Lady_Ganesh - I don't think she knows it, but I've loved Lady Ganesh's Saiyuki fic for like a decade now, so the fact that she wrote a treat for me just blows my mind. It's old Gojyo and old Hakkai being settled and not really knowing what to do with that fact. And Gojyo's hair fading from red to pink with age just cracks me up every time I think about it.

And I wrote three fics (well, one fic and two ficlets, really):

Looking So Long at These Pictures of You - Yuri/Victor, Yuri/Posters of Victor, Yuri!!! on ICE, T, 1702 words - Like, when I signed up for Yuri/Posters of Victor, I didn't think I'd wind up writing some shmoopy story of innocence, but I did and that's where we are, so just deal with it. I also describe Victor's outfits, if that's your thing. :D Written for 1010nabulation.

Solemnly Intoned - Yurio/Otabek, Yuri!!! on ICE, T, 409 words - Otabek's retiring and Yuri's pissed off about it because they're all getting old. But at least Otabek has more time to pursue his hobbies! Written for mousapelli. She's so pissed off that Otabek is a DJ and it makes me laugh every day.

Stuck with Me - Inui/Tezuka, Prince of Tennis, G, 311 words - InuKai is my OTP, but every time I feel like I need to get a handle on Prince of Tennis, I wind up writing these two again. They were the first pairing I ever wrote in this fandom, five thousand years ago! And here were are some more. Written for Halrloprillalar.

Feel free to read and comment if you want! Crossposted to Tumblr!
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Hello [community profile] chocolateboxcomm writer! I'm so happy you're writing for me! You can really do whatever you want and I'll be happy, but I know having a little guidance is always appreciated, so hopefully this letter helps.

Likes: hurt/comfort, sex pollen (both characters sex pollened is fine by me, as is the one in their right mind nobly resisting the desperate one), kissing, bodyswap, uptight characters totally losing it, rich characters losing their wealth for whatever reason, fake marriages/dating, that thing where one thing in canon diverges so everything is different but familiar and only one character is aware that anything's happened, angst with a happy resolution, robots.

Dislikes: bashing canonical pairings, pair the spare, complete AUs (barista, high school, etc), gore, major character death, BDSM, power differentials, A/B/O dynamics

Fandom specifics! )


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