Not dead!

Nov. 4th, 2012 01:43 pm
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You'll be pleased(?) to know I didn't die from the blackout! I did have more stress than I remember having in forever, though, especially when Nate got sick. It was just a bad cold, but I convinced myself he had pneumonia or something else terrible. We have power again, though my dad, my brother and his girlfriend, my brother-in-law and his wife, and both of my aunts all don't, and we have a gas shortage, so travel is tough. Something like 600,000 PSE&G customers are still without power and that's only the biggest electric company in New Jersey. Never mind ConEd or JCP&L or what have you. It's been nearly a week! I'm not too hot on Mother Nature right now, is what I'm saying.

But the nice mods at the Teen Wolf fall festival gave me an extension, and my Yuletide assignment is A++++++ for me, so there's that. Also in all the excitement, I totally forgot to mention that I got a new job. It's perfect for me: an admin position in academia, nearby to my house and Nate's new daycare (sob), great benefits, nice coworkers, and an office that apparently orders a lot of free food. I worked for one week, then got an entire week off because of the power situation. I hope I haven't forgotten my week of training. D: But yay, job! Even if there's separation anxiety all up in my house now.

Oh, and even with my slow do every week twice method, I successfully ran Week 5, Day 1 of Couch-to-5K today. I feel very accomplished.
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Had a few people email/text me about the storm, so updating. We're fine but haven't had power for over a day now. Luckily I have a smartphone and car charger, so have been checking in here and there, though obviously I can't feed my Internet addiction as I like. Also can't really access writing already on my computer, so that sucks. Mostly I'm bored and considering going to bed now even though it's only 9pm. :D

ETA: Now Thurs morn, still powerless. The lack of heat is starting to become a real issue, but some people in town got their power back yesterday, so hopeful today. Keep fingers crossed. Work canceled through Friday.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Here I am just copying and pasting the text of my sign-up so you have it all in one place along with my likes and dislikes:

This is the year for Runaways, Awkward., Revenge, or Ghostbusters. )
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I've gotten about 4000 words into my [ profile] avengersfest fic, which sounds really promising on the surface, especially given that it's not due until November 1, but I think I've been writing the same three scenes over and over with just a few variations. It's definitely not linear and if there's anything I know about myself as a writer, it's that I can only write linearly. I'm not the girl you come to if you want a lot of metaphor and timey-wimey stuff. That's probably the reason I never got into Doctor Who, too. In other words, it needs a ton of work.

So this new way of writing is maybe messing with my head a bit, but I kind of like it anyway? I'm getting a lot down and, even if half of it is complete shit, at least I wrote it. Beyond the 4000 words of fic, I also did about as much original writing. It's like I barely recognize myself -- no, that's not right; I barely recognize myself from the last five years or so, but this is definitely ten years ago me. I know a few of you have been around my LJ since the beginning, which was nine years ago, JFC, but I definitely had a reputation as a writing machine back when I was new to fandom. In my defense, a lot has happened to me in the last five years. :D

Anyway, on top of my writing odyssey thing, I've also gotten back on track with couch-to-5K. WHICH IS AMAZING. I feel great, it's crazy. My kid, who was having major separation anxiety at 13 months, now at 17 months tomorrow asks "Gym? Gym?" every time we go to put on our shoes, whether or not we're going to the gym, just because he loves the daycare so much. And getting those exercise hours (okay, 40 minutes) to myself in the middle of the morning has been lovely.

Ummm, I think that's basically it. I rewatched Thor and loved it even harder than I did the first time I saw it and Teen Wolf's still eating my brain even though I finished watching it over a month ago, leave me all your recs in my comments. Yes, even you.
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Hey, go be awesome like me and sign up for [ profile] tw_fallharvest. It's your typical fic/art exchange, but all the rules are on the comm if you need actual details. Sign-ups are open till Wednesday, but they've got a limit of fifty writers, so you'll need to move slightly faster if you're a writer. No limit on artists.

On Posting

Aug. 28th, 2012 09:02 pm
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Oh crap, did I go two months without updating my LJ again? I didn't mean to do that, I swear.

Let's see, since I last updated... I got a new iPhone! That's good. My baby has gone from slowly becoming talkative to never shutting up oh my God. I thought because I have a physical kid -- and make no mistake, he's still a runner and a climber -- I wouldn't have a talker, too, but I do. None of the other boys his age (16 months) talk as much, so he talks to the girls and the adults. If you're into talking trains and airplanes and parks and animals with a toddler and his toddler-ese interpreter (aka me), come on over.

I also got addicted to Teen Wolf, like everyone else on the internet, but if you follow me on Tumblr, you already know that. I'm still addicted to comics and The Avengers, too. I even signed up for [ profile] avengersfest! My assignment is... hmm. Challenging? Not bad, just not what I expected. I doubt anyone will guess it's me who wrote it, not that I know many people who signed up! But that's what happens when you've pretty much been out of fandom since 2010, right?


Oh! I know, I read Stephen King's On Writing book because of a post [personal profile] ignipes made, and it was a pretty decent read. I've got some bad habits when it comes to my writing, mainly procrastination and overplanning because I'm an outline-lover, and I've been trying to break myself of both for years. A lot of what he says is common sense, but I still came away from it with sort of a game plan? So we'll see what comes of that, especially since I really want to get back into fannish writing and also write some of my own stuff. Anyway, he's a fun writer, I recommend it, and even if you have no use for writing tips, there's a lot of biographical stuff that's plenty interesting.

Oh hi

Jul. 2nd, 2012 03:38 pm
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I've been reading my friends list pretty much every day, so I thought I must have updated recently. But... nope!

Things of note:

- My iPhone is dead, I think. It got wet somehow, not from anything I did (best we can tell, baby might have got at it with his sippy cup, but we didn't SEE him do anything to it, so really, no clue) and now it won't turn on, even after a day in a bag of rice. I have an appointment to get it fixed/a replacement tomorrow, but it's weird not having a phone.
- I signed up for H/C bingo, which might or might not produce anything.
- Comics are still sucking up my life. I finished Ultimate everything -- yes, all 12 years of canon -- a couple of days ago, probably going to pick up Amazing Spider-Man now, too, even though the movie literally couldn't look less interesting to me. I'm not really an Andrew Garfield fan, and though I didn't really like the Raimi movies, they're so recent that I don't care that another one is coming out. MEH. I also got a bunch of Cosmic Marvel/Guardians of the Galaxy stuff because why not be ready for the next movie franchise years early??
- I almost signed up for [ profile] avengers_rbb but none of the artwork really grabbed me. They were all either right up my alley art-wise, but not pairing or scenario wise, or just generally not inspiring. But it's not like I do that well with huge fic commitments anyway, so it's probably all for the best.
- The baby slowly becoming talkative is SO INTERESTING to me. Just today he came up with a game called "Mama Ideeng", which consists of him covering his face with his hands, pointing at me, and then saying, "Mama? Ideeng?", until I hide my face with my hands and play peekaboo with him. Ideeng is "hiding", in case you didn't get that. Baby's first verbs! And he's big now. :( He looks like a real boy instead of a baby. He even went to his first outdoor concert two weekends ago, for Miss Amy and Her Big Kids Band, which was hilarious because the drummer is named, no lie, Ryan Ross. I emailed Ash and Lea as we were leaving because I was so weirded out.
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For those of you eagerly awaiting progress updates on my Couch to 5K mission, it's going pretty well. Or it was until my baby had a meltdown in child care at the gym today and we went home seven minutes after we got there. I got to walk on the treadmill for four minutes! Haha. But we got a refund on the daycare, so that was nice. :D He'd done just fine before, but I guess he's worked out what's up, and Mommy leaving, even for 40 minutes, is Not Acceptable. He does fine with babysitters, so it's probably the unfamiliar face + unfamiliar environment thing. I'll try again next week, but I'll stick around to play for a couple of minutes, hopefully circumventing some of that baby anguish. Poor kid.

In fandom stuff, I'm still absorbing most of the last decade of Avenger-related Marvel comics and, ugh, I have such a crush on Bruce Banner. SO MANY DADDY ISSUES. I mean, I know it's practically a given that a superhero have Daddy issues, but they're ratcheted way up with Bruce. That kind of happens when you kill your abusive dad in self-defense, you know? And the dude just loathes himself so much. It's almost like I have to read with one eye open because he can't ever be happy, but it also hits all my hurt/comfort buttons.

The only problem is I'm nowhere near as interested in The Hulk, as much as I get that the monster is a reflection of all of Bruce's inner-Bruceness, and I like that angle of it a lot, but of course the main readership of Hulk comics is just looking for smashing. And action in comics bores me. Not all action, obviously, because seriously why would I bother reading comics if action bored me as a rule? I just mean those double page spreads where fifteen heroes are all posed mid-air with their fists stretched back. There's a lot of that in Hulk comics, if you couldn't have guessed that. Also the last few years of Hulk comics are just lousy with Hulks. They come from other planets, there's sons of Hulk, and accidental Rick Jones Hulks, and Red Hulks and a half-dozen She-Hulks, and everyone's up to their neck in Hulks. Though I do love the original She-Hulk unreasonably. She's a sassy lawyer, like [ profile] barnacling!

So now I'm basically caught up with Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and will be with The Hulk by tonight. I wish there was more Black Widow stuff, but I'm reading all of that I can get my hands on, too. I've also been reading the Winter Soldier ongoing, I'm very interested in Ms. Marvel, and I can feel the tug of Spider-Man interest, too. So far the X-Men haven't really sucked me in, but give it two weeks. Comics are the void of no return, avoid the addiction if you can.
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[ profile] illuminations emailed me after I flailed over Kid!Loki in the Journey Into Mystery and The Mighty Thor comics on Tumblr, asking for a picture of what I was talking about, like I'm capable of providing only one picture of anything. Basically, everyone died, he was resurrected as a grown-up lady, then became his normal grown-up self, then died again, then was resurrected as a teenager in the most recent run and, in doing so, turned me into a Loki fan. So I fully expect anyone who loves any incarnation of Loki to really love him here.

7 pictures behind the cut, spoilers through the latest JIM issue )

Happy, Diane? :D?
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And Community, too, at least a little.

Since I last LJ posted, I've caught up with the entire Avengers-related Marvel movies universe, and I thought Thor and Captain America were the best of the bunch, other than The Avengers itself. I've got this giant crush on Chris Evans now, but only when he's in his Cap get-ups. I feel all right about this. And I came out of Thor shipping Thor/Jane majorly, and out of Captain America shipping Steve/Bucky, and I feel all right about that, too. So if we're keeping track of the ships I'm interested in, we have Bruce/Tony, Pepper/Tony, Thor/Jane, Steve/Bucky, Natasha/Clint, and maybe a little bit of Loki/Sif and Cap/Natasha. And the fic ideas keep coming. I keep working out Bruce/Tony bodyswap in my head, so that one looks likely to be written. Yay? Yay.

This, unsurprisingly, led to a resurgence of comics reading. I have no idea what possessed me to read The Ultimates, knowing full well that it's been anti-recced by every person I trust and it's written by Mark Millar, whose writing I don't like very much, but I do have major trainwreck syndrome. But anyway, it was as terrible as promised. Everyone's a jerk, no one's redeemable, and everyone's edgy. There's spousal abuse, brain tumors, schizophrenia, homophobia, everything you could possibly hate passionately. If you want your Avengers without any of them resembling The Avengers, then Ultimates is for you! The two episodes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes I've watched were a much better option, though. I'm happily going to continue with the series, especially since the iMDB tells me that Gabriel Mann (Nolan from Revenge) voices Bruce Banner. So there's that.

Anyway, onto Community. Cutely enough, I've gotten a ton of kudos on my Abed and Troy find a baby fic in the last week, but I think I've earned it, since I was psychic a year and a half ago and all. The video game episode also gave me the only Community fic idea I've ever had outside of Yuletide, which is an Abed/Troy and Abed/Hilda Weird Science parody. Mostly I just want Troy and Abed wearing bras on their heads as they try to make a video game lady come to life.

Finally, I don't think I'm too freaked out over the Dan Harmon firing. I do believe the show is his baby, but show runners have left shows before without a complete crumbling of everything they've built. And now that we know Megan Ganz is staying, I'm hopeful this is one of those times.
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Taking a TiVO break to build up buffer for the next two episodes of Community, but with no spoilers, that first episode was AWESOME. And I think I wrote a fic about that tag in 2010. The 30 Rock episode in between was pretty good, too. I really want Liz to have a tiny plant of her very own.

Like most of my flist, I've fallen headfirst into Avengers fandom. Combined with my Hunger Games fic ideas, I'm suffering for the first time in I don't even know how long with too many ideas but not enough time to write them. Also not enough time to read all the fic I want! I know, I know, what terrible problems to have.

I've been making my way through all the lead up movies to The Avengers, some that I've seen before, some that I haven't. I skipped the Ang Lee Hulk movie because I saw it before years ago and it doesn't need revisiting, but watched the Edward Norton one, and also both Iron Mans (Iron Men?). Tomorrow I watch Thor for the first time! I'm excited for that.

In TV news, I have no idea what to make of the upfronts. Everything is moving all around and messing my schedules up. >:( Why is Revenge moving? Why do I have two Friday shows now? Who thinks moving Glee to Thursday is a good move? Will I watch any new show other than Mindy Kaling's? Only time will tell. But for the first time, uh, ever, nothing I watch got canceled. So that's strange.
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Just popping in to leave a link for all you fine people. I've been reading The Atlantic's "Y.A. for Grownups" columns for the last few weeks and I think they're a really interesting read. There's a new segment every Friday!

The AV Club is also running a similar column called "YA Why?", but that's more of a special feature and isn't updated regularly. Still, it's here, for anyone who might be interested:

I'm sure you're all aware Young Adult novels are so hot right now, which makes me as someone who's probably consumed more Y.A. as an adult than I ever did as a teenager very happy indeed.
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I saw The Avengers yesterday, which is notable since it's the first movie I've seen on opening weekend since DH, Part 2. New parents don't get out much. :D But anyway, I looooved it. I'm really not a Marvel person, but there's no way around the fact that Marvel movies are waaaaay superior to DC movies. And seriously, since DC has spent the past decade stomping on most of the stuff I loved from my childhood, I don't even feel disloyal saying so.

maybe minor spoilers? )

But on an unrelated to Avengers note and back to my Hunger Games obsession, I've also been working my way through Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's filmographies, and I watched Bridge to Terabithia last week, which is a book that I've somehow never read. I know, I know, it's a big oversight on my part. But because of that, spoilers for a 33 year old book ) Next on the list is Winter's Bone, which I'm at least already aware isn't a 100% happy fun time ride.

Soooo talk to me about The Avengers or middle grade novels killing you softly with their song or just say hi. :D HI.
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LJ fixed the cut tag change so quickly that I didn't even get a chance to complain about it! But hey, look at me posting twice in one week.

That Archive of Our Own hit count meme is going around again. I don't think I did it last year, but that shouldn't stop me now. It's interesting to me to see what fics get a lot of hits there, especially since it's been so long since I've written fic regularly that I've never posted primarily to AO3, except for challenges. That will be changing soon, though, so next year should be more relevant. Uh, if I actually ever finish anything, that is.

Begin navel-gazing now )

Mmm. Well, that's quite enough reflection that's only interesting to me.
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Still in the throes of The Hunger Games love. I have a shortcut to the AO3 page for all works in the fandom and I'm hitting it at least once a day. I sincerely hope some of the chaptered WIPs I see going up get finished because my one complaint would be lack of longer fic. I'm not even one of those people who thrives on 100k epics, either, since I don't really have the time for that and I prioritize books over fic anyway, but a couple of 20,000 or 30,000 word fics wouldn't be unwelcome.

Anyway, I have a file for fic ideas and I've added something like 35 things for The Hunger Games in the past month, which is about 35 more fic ideas than I've had in the last year. So that's something, though admittedly I never really manage to write more than a third of my ideas. And I haven't actually written anything yet. Still, my intentions are good.

I do come bearing recs, though, so no one leaves empty-handed! Most of these spoil the whole series, so if you're still reading through it, I wouldn't click on the cut until after you're done.

14 fic recs, all for The Hunger Games )
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Here's part 2 of my Hunger Games fic recs!

8 Hunger Games fic recs )

Now I'm just hoping for an influx of new writers with the movie. That would be so excellent!

Also watched the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra on a whim this afternoon, and I reaaaaally enjoyed them, even though I've only seen about three episodes of the original Avatar series. I know I have to remedy that and I've always meant to, but I'm glad to have a jumping off point that didn't really require me to know more than the bare minimum about the first series. Korra is such a cutie! And I really like her mentor (Tenzin?), his kids, and the dudes she's pro-bending with. Can't wait for the show to start for real!
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Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted! One day I will start a post without something along those lines. ONE DAY.

Baby is great. He's WALKING now, jeez, full on strutting everywhere. And dancing, which is the cutest thing in the world. He rocks back and forth while grinning and clapping, and I think babies are amazing. But he's going to be one in 19 days and that's insane to me. I feel like I just left the hospital with a baby wearing a tiny froggie hat yesterday. Job-wise I've surprisingly (to me) been out on two interviews already, one pretty bad, one pretty good. I know I didn't get the pretty bad one because it was three weeks ago and I heard nothing after, but I just had the pretty good one yesterday, so keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me.

In my blogging absence, I got really into The Hunger Games, just in time for me to not be able to see the movie when it comes out. Heh. But holy crap, I am in full-on new fandom flush, which I haven't felt with any of the other fandoms I've been dabbling in. And while it's a pretty small-to-medium fic fandom right now, I suspect that's about to change majorly.

Which is my way of segueing into a big multifandom recs post! Some are from Yuletide because, yes, that's how far behind I am.

22 Recs in 5 fandoms: 2 Parks & Rec, 3 New Girl, 8 Revenge, 1 Gossip Girl, and 8 The Hunger Games )

Okay, I actually have a bunch more recs for The Hunger Games, but I'm tired of typing. Maybe I'll get the second part of this finished in another month. :D In case anyone is looking for me in the meantime, I'm around Tumblr a lot more and I'm nonnegative over there.
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Happy Groundhog's Day, internet! I'm told Punxsutawney Phil said we'd be having six more weeks of winter, but it's okay because I'm delighted to officially live in his territory now. Even if it does mean I get "The Pennsylvania Polka" stuck in my head just talking about him.

Anyway, I meant to post two days ago, but I wound up using all of Nate's naps to mainline Revenge instead of updating my journal, and that turned out to be a fine use of my time. I'm all caught up now, though. It's fabulous and I'm obsessed and I can't wait to pick it up in real time starting next week. I just finished it today, though, so I'm letting a lot of my opinions marinate still.

I've been dabbling in a bunch of media lately -- I'm reading ASOIAF very slowly, watching Game of Thrones just as slowly, I got caught up on Sherlock (not fannish about it in the least -- apparently I only like my Holmes set in olden times), I finally became mildly obsessed with New Girl after months of watching it, and I'm indulging in nostalgia by watching Shin Tenipuri (Prince of Tennis II, which is just as ridiculous as ever) and reading old HP fanfic.

I'm smart and don't try to do things like chores while my kid is asleep, which is just as well because he likes thinking he's helping while I make the bed and unload the dishwasher and picking up his room, even though he's almost 10 months old, so what he's doing is frequently the opposite of help. Nate's pretty much a holy terror now. He crawls and screeches to hear his own voice and cruises and stands on his own and has taken a few tentative lunge-steps. He also has a meltdown if an adult lords their tallness over him for more than five minutes, which makes things like standing to cook dinner a bit of a challenge.

Speaking of stay at home mom stuff, I'm trying to make that chapter of my life come to an end soon. Where I used to work is just too far for me to do a daily commute, so that's out, though I'm looking for a similar position. I do love being at home with my baby, but our financial situation isn't one where I can stay home for years and years, even if a lot of our income will have to go towards daycare since we have no family in the immediate area. So, job search. But our financial situation is also stable enough that I can somewhat take my time with it, which is a good thing considering the economy. Life! So boring!

I'm going to go think about Revenge some more now.


Jan. 15th, 2012 09:23 am
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I'm spending the baby's nap reading H/D fic. It's like just like the old days, but with far less free time on my hands.

Speaking of, I've got Dan Radcliffe's SNL episode saved up for me on TiVo. Was it any good?
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I wrote The Adventure of the Watson League for [personal profile] fourthage, Watson gen for Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant fandom, which was a lot of fun to write, but in first person??? I figured it was okay since the only two fandoms I like reading first person fic in are Holmes and The Baby-Sitters Club. Next year I figure out a way to request both of those for Yuletide.

I recieved Everything (ha!), Seth Meyers/Stefon for Saturday Night Live by [personal profile] florahart. I saw myself on the pinch hit list and guessed the fic I got was written by someone who knows me, and I was totally right. :D :D :D Anyway, Flora did an excellent job, the fic is a blast and you should read it post-haste.

Happy 2012!!


Dec. 25th, 2011 09:29 am
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I haven't even read it yet and I'm posting from my phone because I won't even be home till tonight, but I totally got Stefon fic for Yuletide and I am PSYCHED.
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And here's my annual "so you got me for Yuletide" letter. Generally, I like humor, misunderstandings, people who are bad at feelings, and shows that are always on the brink of cancellation (though that's neither here nor there). I'm what you'd call an easy Yuletide recipient. I just like good, fun stories, told well. So as long as you write me something fun and funny, I'll be thrilled. For me, optional notes are totally optional. One of the best Yuletide fics I've ever gotten ignored my notes completely and was better for it. But in case you're like me and stalk your recipient incessantly, here's more to work with than half a year's worth of baby pictures:

Saturday Night Live, Parks and Rec, and Community -- I swear I don't work for NBC )

Woo! Hope you have a great time writing for me!
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It took all day since, you know, I can't spend 20 hours refreshing the internet anymore, but I've now got my wand and I've been sorted at Pottermore. Will attempt making a potion tomorrow, but for now I'm DraconisGold145, my wand is spruce with a phoenix feather core ("10 inches, surprisingly swishy" - great wand description or GREATEST wand description??), and I'm a Ravenclaw, which doesn't surprise me even though I wasn't trying for any particular house. Maybe especially because I wasn't trying for any particular house.

Anyway, I want to add all of you, so just drop your username (and house, but that's just because I'm nosy) into this handy-dandy poll and I'll add you if you haven't already added me. :D

[Poll #1777552]
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1. Thanks to everyone who gave me kisses and chocolate heads! I love getting those little things to decorate my userinfo. :D

2. I saw it! )
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I'm very jealous of everyone at MJ right now. One of the first things I realized when the MJ dates were announced was that I'd either be sitting around twiddling my thumbs at 39 weeks pregnant or trying to deal with keeping a newborn alive, so there was no way I was going again. Boo. But in keeping with the spirit of the thing, I totally have a con cold! \o/

Wait, that sucks. But I've had a stuffed up head and sore throat since Wednesday night, so it's almost like I did spend days with a big crowd of people and got sick like always! Awesome.

But yes, ready to pop any day now, though that any day could be about two weeks from now because my OB thinks kiddo is very comfortable in his surroundings. I knew I shouldn't have installed cable in there. One of my RL friends has been my pregnancy buddy because her due date was the day before mine, but she had to go and have her baby on Monday, so now I'm lonely and huge. Oh well. I'm just using the time to actually enjoy my last few full night's sleeps (minus several bathroom breaks).

The one thing I did promise is that I would not be telling anyone I've gone into labor on April 1st unless I've actually gone into labor on April 1st. So, if you hear later in the day that I'm heading to the hospital, I actually am. Baby fakeouts are mean!

Play me out, flugelhorn feline.
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Pantless in the doctor's office -- far less casual than one would think!

Less than 4 weeks till my due date, guess I better get used to this.

Posted via

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Duuuuuuuuude, what on earth did I walk into today?????

[ profile] mousapelli threw me a virtual baby shower today, which meant I woke up to a confusing but lovely gift from [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, made a mental note to thank her tonight, and then Sara sent me an e-card all LOL SURPRISE!, which it really was and when I shared my happy surprise with my husband he said, oh yeah, she told me all about that weeks ago. OH OKAY FINE BE THAT WAY. AND THAT'S WHEN THE TWO GIANT BOXES FILLED WITH PRESENTS WERE DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE.

Seriously, though LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF )

Thank you to [ profile] mousapelli for coordinating this, and to [ profile] mousapelli and [ profile] stealstheashes for collecting gifts and mailing them to me, and to all of you for being AMAZING. Best π day ever!

Anyway, could all of you listed above send me your real mailing addresses, unless you're like 90% sure I have them already? :D? My email is
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Stayed mostly out of Fandom March Madness this year, aside from voting, but they're at the finals now and one of my favorites is surprisingly still in it. Vote Troy Barnes!

TROY, TROY, THE WONDER BOY! Hip hop, body don't stop! Riverside got the broom, don't need a mop. Put your T-Man in the box, put a ribbon on top. We're not John Kerry cause we don’t flip flop. Say OHHHHH! Bing bong, sing along! Your team's Al Gore 'cause your views are wrong.
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Wow, I have not updated for a really, really long time! That's a horrible habit to fall into, so in case you didn't know, I'm alive and fine. I've probably not been updating mostly because I have nothing at all fandom-related to say, considering my RL has been consuming most of my time, something which will only be getting worse in about a month. I'm now just one month and three days away from my due date, holy crap!

Last week was my baby shower and it was mostly a surprise (the party itself was a surprise, but I knew I was getting one sometime since my mother and MIL made me do a registry in January and gifts started getting sent to my house -- so my husband deserves credit for coming up with a cover story that I believed) and I even had several internet weirdoes in attendance, scaring a couple of my non-internet friends who hadn't met them before. But seriously, I'm so glad [ profile] mousapelli, [ profile] stealstheashes, [ profile] drunktuesdays, and [ profile] mythofthebelle were able to make it. It was fun! I have so many itty bitty baby clothes now and have discovered a deep love of tiny socks that I didn't realize I had.

now a picture of my belly for anyone who's interested )

So how are you all, LJ friends?
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I signed up for [ profile] no_tags and so should you, particularly if you like any of the bandom pairings I'm more inclined to write. It's a quick turnaround, double-blind fest. You have until the 5th to prompt with your username screened, then you pick a prompt without knowing who made the prompt in the first place, then you have until the 12th to write. Then fics are posted, quick and easy. I was so sad about not being able to sign up last year, so I'm totally playing this year.

Anyway, my husband's been scanning in this box of old pictures I inherited from my grandmother after she died (five years ago, but they were just sitting around until now), and there's a hilarious number of pictures of my dad as a tiny child. Let me just say I'm really happy I wasn't going to Catholic school in the 1950's, as evidenced by his first grade ID picture:



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