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marks ([personal profile] marks) wrote2017-01-05 06:32 pm

twitter and fic

I set up my fandom twitter: [ profile] nonnonnegative! Anyone's welcome to add me over there, I've been adding everyone back so far.

I've also been busy writing Yuri!!! on Ice fic:

Like Two Ships, M, Yuuri/Victor, 1400 words - Yuuri is exhausted but Victor is leaving in eighteen hours. Sappy stuff! Plus, Yuuri's totally going to faint when he finds out how much Victor's body wash really costs.

Very Versatile, M, Phichit/Christophe, 1800 words - Phichit and Christophe after the Grand Prix Final, one of those things where I talked myself into shipping it for real while trying to work out the logistics. I think this one came out really cute and Phichit is a really fun POV character to write, so hopefully all 12 people who read it like it. :D

Also, I'm considering reverting back to spelling it Yuri in fic going forward because I keep defaulting to it when I'm typing and I think everyone's going to be fine differentiating between the two Yuris.

I also signed up for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm because [personal profile] prillalar did, and you should too!

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