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twitter and fic

I set up my fandom twitter: [ profile] nonnonnegative! Anyone's welcome to add me over there, I've been adding everyone back so far.

I've also been busy writing Yuri!!! on Ice fic:

Like Two Ships, M, Yuuri/Victor, 1400 words - Yuuri is exhausted but Victor is leaving in eighteen hours. Sappy stuff! Plus, Yuuri's totally going to faint when he finds out how much Victor's body wash really costs.

Very Versatile, M, Phichit/Christophe, 1800 words - Phichit and Christophe after the Grand Prix Final, one of those things where I talked myself into shipping it for real while trying to work out the logistics. I think this one came out really cute and Phichit is a really fun POV character to write, so hopefully all 12 people who read it like it. :D

Also, I'm considering reverting back to spelling it Yuri in fic going forward because I keep defaulting to it when I'm typing and I think everyone's going to be fine differentiating between the two Yuris.

I also signed up for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm because [personal profile] prillalar did, and you should too!
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I am actually confused as to why it's not spelled Yuri in fandom, since that's what it is on the subs.

Plus as a veteran of due South I am totally at ease with having two characters with the same name!

(Yay Chocolate Box, I need to finish my sign up.)
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*puts on professional and fannish hats simultaneously to write a dorkily detailed comment*

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It's one of those Japanese sounds that's not hard to pronounce but gets transliterated in a bunch of ways...and as far as I can tell, Japanese companies don't necessarily pay much attention to or feel terribly concerned about how something'll be written out in roman letters, so my impression is that it's not really that rare for official-from-the-Japanese-side spellings to get picked based on what somebody thought looked coolest.

And then English-speaking anime/manga fandom comes along and often opts to spell names in a more phonetically accurate way, official spellings be damned. I suspect that's why "Yuuri" is so common, as well as making it easier to distinguish from Yuri P.

(My opinion of this varies a lot, depending on the fandom/how reasonable the official spelling actually is/etc. Sometimes non-Japanese speakers get ideas in their head about how something SHOULD BE SPELLED whether or not it makes any sense or matters. See also: somewhere out there, I bet there are at least a few English-speaking fans bypassing the "Victor"/"Viktor" question and blithely going with "Vikutoru" because that's how it's pronounced/spelled phonetically in Japanese.)

(If you don't care about the actual Japanese phonetics, tune out now. Also, I just looked at the YOI page on Wikipedia and saw all the non-Japanese characters' names written in Japanese, which means in katakana [the phonetic alphabet for foreign words], and oh, my head. I kinda hate katakana.)

That disappearing second "u" in Yuuri's name would get its own character if it were written in hiragana (the phonetic alphabet for Japanese words), but it's not quite its own syllable; it's drawing out the "u" sound. I suspect the fact that it gets ditched in various formal romanization systems is because the "uu" looks clunky? So sometimes it's just tossed out, but that long "u" is why other times you'll see his name rendered as "Yūri".

(That same disappearing drawn-out "u" is also very common after syllables that end in "o"--frex, Tokyo is actually "Tōkyō", but again, I think people just decided "Toukyou" [or "Tohkyoh", which I think might also be acceptable, but I'm basing that entirely on some name romanizations in Fruits Basket] looked too clunky and didn't bother with the accent.)

...all of this should be read bearing in mind that I don't actually speak/read Japanese, other than being able to sound out the phonetic alphabets and a smattering of random knowledge, but I've soaked up a fair bit of info from working in manga and being in anime/manga fandoms. (I'm still a bit weirded out by how incredibly useful being able to sound out the phonetic stuff is when it comes to my manga work.)
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I'm a role model.