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Yuletide 2015 DYW Letter

Dear Yuletide Writer 2015,

Well, I guess I'm your assignment. I'm not the worst assignment to have! This is my twelfth straight Yuletide, which borders on unbelievable, but considering I've spent over a decade participating in this, I obviously like it a little bit. Okay, a lot. Fine, it's my favorite time of the year.

Right up front: I believe optional details are optional. You won't offend me by going off book. I read het, slash, femslash, and gen. I read all ratings. On AO3, I'm [ profile] Marks if you want to see my fic or fic I've bookmarked over there. I forget to bookmark most of the time, so don't take that as the be and end all of fic I've liked, but it's a jumping off point.

Likes: Hurt/comfort, sex pollen, drinking games, fake marriages/dating, kissing, unexpected sweetness, hiding out in places where discovery is a distinct and terrible possibility, bodyswap, canon divergent AUs where one thing changes EVERYTHING!, angst with a happy ending, uptight characters totally losing it, and loose cannon characters repressing something.

Dislikes: Really dark fic, gore, death, BDSM, large age and/or power differences, A/B/O dynamics, bashing canonical relationships in order to hook up non-canonical ones, total AUs. What I mean by that is I don't want a high school AU for Turn or Hamilton, but setting an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fic in high school is 100% okay because they went to high school together.

Now for what I requested:

Hamilton - Miranda (Aaron Burr)

The first time I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack I made this post, which should give you an idea of how much Aaron Burr has been messing me up for the past month. Obviously I'm okay with gen, but if you're in this for the ships, which is something I support and respect, I'd be up for Hamilton/Burr or Angelica/Burr. What I'm most interested for in this fandom is a fic that mixes modern elements into the historical setting, just like the musical does. I want the musical's characterization and plot incorporated because I love the musical!

- Gen: What event from Burr's past formed that Wait for It mentality? You can work off of real life events like Burr's parents dying when he was two, or studying under John Witherspoon, or growing up around fire-and-brimstone preacher Jonathan Edwards if you'd like.
- Gen: Hey, did you all know Burr was denied from Princeton when he was 12 before reapplying at 14 as a junior? What a little bastard. Anyway, what if he'd been denied again? Would he have punched the bursar himself? Would his future motivations have been any different if he hadn't been able to fulfill his parents' dying wishes so early on?
- Gen: While Jefferson was president, but after Hamilton died, Burr was charged with treason for land speculation. I would kill for a conversation between musical Hamilton's Jefferson and Burr after that.

- Hamilton/Burr: Remember up there where I say I like canon-divergent AUs? I want the mother of canon-divergent AUs for them - the duel has a different outcome. Either they decide not to have the duel, or Burr wounds Hamilton non-fatally, or Hamilton wounds Burr instead (also non-fatally because lol I am predictable). Then I'd also want to know what happens afterward. You can go as far into the future as you'd like there, and involve Eliza, Angelica, Hamilton's kids, Theodosia-the-younger, whatever.
- Hamilton/Burr: Oh man, give me a mistaken hook up when they were both young revolutionaries in New York. You can include any one of Hamilton's friends making fun of him for that, and sure, feel free to title that fic some pun based on The Room Where It Happened.
- Hamilton/Burr: That little exchange in Non-Stop where Hamilton tries to get Burr to write part of the Federalist Papers is just so great. First, Burr sounds so pleased that Alexander is coming over, even though it's the middle of the night. Maybe he's pleased ESPECIALLY because it's the middle of the night. I don't know, maybe Hamilton could have done more to convince him? Something with tongue?

- Angelica/Burr: "Burr, you disgust me"/"Oh, so you've discussed me?" THESE LINES MURDER ME. What happens if Burr's trust fund baby line actually WORKS on her? I'd be fine with a one-night thing where Angelica uses and loses Burr, or something more permanent. They have the potential to be a really great couple.
- Angelica/Burr: Give me the angsty afterward! Burr avoided Eliza forever after killing Hamilton, which at least showed a little good sense on his part, but what if he ran into Angelica when he was traveling around Europe and they had a fight followed by something ill-advised?

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Dee Reynolds, Charlie Kelly)

It's Always Sunny is kind of my perpetual Yuletide fandom, or rather it feels like it's heading in that direction. I definitely requested it last year, and I might have done so the year before, too, and I almost never repeat fandoms from year to year. I just love the show that much.

Dee is one of my top five characters on television right now, and quite possibly ever, and Charlie is just a ball of sunshine. A very gross, very angry, Santa-beating ball of sunshine, but a ball of sunshine nonetheless. I've always liked what these two bring out in the other. Dee's not exactly a nice person (understatement), but she is a mass of insecurities and Charlie is the one person who doesn't usually use that knowledge for his own personal gain. And Charlie might be disgusting and sort of stupid, but Dee still volunteered to take him for a spa...ghetti day. Of course, like half the fandom I was clawing my own face off after The Gang Misses the Boat, but furthermore I was incredibly into their Game of Thrones-esque team-up in Frank Retires. They're just really good at helping each other out! Clearly, I'm fine with ship fic, but really I just want them interacting any way I can get it. I am also VERY into Dennis being jealous of them teaming up. Also to get the obvious question out of the way, I'm in no way opposed to Dee/Dennis insinuations either.

- I'd love something that details Charlie and Dee continuing to secretly hookup since The Gang Misses the Boat. I mean, obviously they will fail at keeping that secret eventually, but I'd also love to see the fallout of that reveal.
- Just Charlie, Dee, and Peter Nincompoop. Remember when they were coke dealers and were going to run off to the hills with Charlie's stolen horse? I want that story.
- I know I mentioned a high school AU up there, but here I am doing it again. I would love to see something about Dee and Charlie interacting back then, since I get the feeling they didn't hang out much until the guys bought the bar. But Charlie the Dirtbomb and The Aluminum Monster totally could have bonded while huffing glue and drinking the good whiskey stolen from Frank's liquor cabinet.
- Continuing on that high school AU front, they're kind of stepsiblings, which I forget most of the time. But Frank's almost certainly Charlie's biological father (or Frank sired him, if you're like Mac and prefer that) and Dee grew up with Frank as her dad, even though he's not her biological one. So what happens if Charlie somehow winds up living with the Reynolds family as a teenager because of that? That's a mess and a half waiting to happen.
- Okay, now I'm going to backtrack on my crazy AUs caveat because I would actually love one for It's Always Sunny. Space AU, superhero AU, Hogwarts AU, whatever, go for it. Also, if you haven't noticed, two of my other fandoms are set during the Revolutionary War, so if you want to write a story set in a The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell AU where Paddy's Pub is the oldest tavern in Philadelphia, definitely go for it. I'd be so delighted.

Turn (TV 2014) (Benjamin Tallmadge, Caleb Brewster)

I just finished watching Turn, and I'm obsessed. I like almost every plot thread from Setauket to the John Andre melodrama, but Ben and Caleb are by far my favorites. Ben's so polished and proper military, and Caleb is such a rough trader/sailor type. But he's a soldier, too! He clearly followed his best friend into battle and now they're both such important links in the Culper Ring! They risk their lives for their country and each other! I'd love ship fic especially considering the secret repression stuff associated with the time period, but gen would be great too. I'd also take any time period: when they were growing up together, during the war, or what happens to them after the war is over. You can include whatever other characters you'd like with one caveat: please keep the Simcoe to a minimum.

- Like I've already mentioned, any time period is fine with me. If you do set things before the war when Anna, Abe, Caleb, and Ben are growing up together, I would love to know how Caleb came to be so devoted to Ben. If I recall correctly, Caleb's only family on the show are a sister and uncle with palsy, did the Tallmadges sort of look after him? Was he one of those kids who didn't really have any friends until he suddenly had a group of friends?
- Set during the war, I'd love more daring rescues and dropoffs and charging into battle together. They're still right by each other's side during the Battle of Monmouth, what are their next steps?
- As soon as the war is won, I would love to see them taking their celebrations a little too far and possibly reacting to the consequences of that the day after.
- And far after the war is won, what's their place in the new country? Are they still joined at the hip or does life get in the way? And if it's the latter, can you fix that please? :D?

Another Period (TV) (Dodo Bellacourt, Peepers)

This is really the year of period-specific fandoms, so here's my modern one, set all the way in 1902! I love this show so much. Its weird mix of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Downton Abbey really shouldn't work, but I think the dark humor of the show and the really excellent characters pull everything together so well. And Dodo and Peepers (aka Mitch) are my two favorites. I just love how Peepers has taken a servant's devotion to the next level, and even though he's in love with Dodo, he still wants to break the morphine addiction that caused her to throw herself at him. God, my description makes it all sound melodramatic! And I guess it is, but it's also so funny. I really want the show's type of humor in my gift fic. I would also love to see them get together in a better way so they can stick it to the Commodore, who clearly sucks.

- Dodo finally breaking that addiction for good! Obviously with Peepers' help.
- Something where poor sweet Garfield has to act as go-between for them.
- So if these two do work their issues out, there are obviously all sorts of hurdles, like class issues and Dodo being married, and maybe Peepers' family. It would actually be hilarious to see the two of them go live with Peepers' family. Or maybe they'll join Beatrice and Lillian on the streets or wherever it is that rich people go when they're thrown out of their homes.
- I don't really know what else to ask for for this fandom. Just know that I love it so much, and would be happy to get anything in the spirit of the show. Cameos by period-appropriate real people would also be very much appreciated, either ones the show's already featured or all new ones.

That's it! Thank you again, sweet writer. I'm already looking forward to December 25th. :D

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