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Shipswap letter


I'm sorry I didn't have this unlocked before assignments went out, I didn't think they'd go out so early! Thank you for writing for me.

Generally, I like humor, hurt/comfort, sex pollen/aliens made them do it scenarios, sexy build-up, and incorporating modern technology (like social media, texting, smartphone apps, etc.). Don't shy away from crazy tropes like wingfic or soulmate AUs, but I'd rather not any mundane AUs like coffeeshops or no magic in fandoms with it. You can add magic to fandoms without it, though! That'd be great. Kidfic is fine as long as the kids act the way kids actually act instead of like precocious matchmakers. Sex scenes are great, though I'm not much into formalized kink. I know romance isn't necessarily required for this fest, but I'm fine with any of the ships I requested being requited.

Anyway, onto the nitty-gritty.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Gina Linetti/Jake Peralta: Since these two grew up together, I'd love to read something with them as awkward teenagers. Okay, Jake would be the awkward teenager here, but I bet Gina would have found that really funny. If you don't want to write them younger, I'd love anything involving a caper in the police station.

Gina Linetti/Amy Santiago: I had no interest in these two until that stages of drunk Amy episode. They were so cute together! I'd definitely go for more of Gina taking care of drunk Amy. Or Amy could take care of drunk Gina!

The Hunger Games
Haymitch Abernathy/Katniss Everdeen; Cinna/Katniss Everdeen; Katniss Everdeen/Johanna Mason; Katniss Everdeen/Finnick Odair

Obviously, you can see from my pairings requests that THG is all about Katniss for me. I would love a slight AU from the series. Maybe the Quarter Quell doesn't happen the way it does in Catching Fire and Katniss is a mentor to the District 12 tributes. Maybe Katniss's games didn't go the way they did in The Hunger Games and she was the only winner, and what happened to Finnick is happening to her. Maybe only Johanna was rescued from the Capitol in Mockingjay. That sort of thing. I ship Katniss/Peeta and generally love Peeta, so I just ask that you don't bash that ship or him at all.

The Raven Cycle
Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish; Richard Gansey III/Blue Sargent; Joseph Kavinsky/Ronan Lynch; Noah Czerny/Barrington Whelk; Richard Gansey III/Adam Parrish; Richard Gansey III/Joseph Kavinsky

Wow, I sure listed a lot of ships for this! Anyway, I love the way things are going with Ronan/Adam and Gansey/Blue in canon, so feel free to progress in that direction. Obviously, I'm not pro-Gansey being dead forever because I'm not heartless, so please don't kill him forever. I'm aware the series itself is sort of a soulmate AU, but if you want to write a different soulmate AU, that would be pretty sweet.

For Kavinsky/Ronan, something set within The Dream Thieves would be nice, with Kavinsky trying and succeeding to have something happen with Ronan. For Kavinsky/Gansey, this almost has to be something Kavinsky is doing to make Ronan crazy jealous. Maybe he really believes that Gansey's Ronan's boyfriend, I don't know. No redeeming Kavinsky, please. I like him terrible.

Noah/Whelk probably should be heartbreak city, too, what with Whelk being a murderer and all. I'm okay with Noah haunting the hell out of that bastard. That or you can set it back when they were at Aglionby. I'm really interested in that thing where Noah says he was pretty awful when he was alive, so I'd like to see a jerkier characterization for him.

And finally, Gansey/Adam. I don't know, I just really like their dynamic where they're best friends, but Adam deeply resents parts of Gansey's life while Gansey just doesn't get while Adam won't let him help. I'd prefer this be set before they meet Blue, though, because I just can't see it once Blue's in the picture.

How to Get Away with Murder
Wes Gibbins/Annalise Keating; Asher Millstone/Connor Walsh; Annalise Keating/Bonnie Winterbottom; Laurel Castillo/Wes Gibbins

These are all pretty different ship dynamics, but if you want to write something off the wall for any of them, I’d be fine with that. The show is bananas, I’m used to rolling with crazy stuff.

Wes/Annalise: These two are so weird about each other. I want them having an inappropriate relationship, complete with their canon power imbalance being maintained through their hookups. Annalise can be a little unhinged, but she definitely should be in charge of whatever goes on here.

Asher/Connor: Ill-advised hookups. These two should be all about ill-advised hookups. If you want to do that thing where they hook up and hate each other and themselves afterward, but keep hooking up anyway, I’d be very pleased.

Annalise/Bonnie: Another weird power dynamic! I think Bonnie basically worships Annalise, even if she doesn’t always want other people to realize that. I think Annalise should definitely realize that.

Laurel/Wes: The quiet ones! I don’t even know what I really want out of these two, but I like how they’re both underestimated all the time, yet the only two to really keep it together. They complement each other well.

The Scorpio Races
Puck Connelly/Sean Kendrick

I just finished this book a couple of weeks ago, so these two are still fresh in my mind. I want to know if they’re able to work things out and stay together after the race. I want to know about Corr and Dove, too! And Finn! And Gabe! And I want more of the island. Do they keep having these races? Does Malvern keep controlling the island? Why do they keep hanging out with murder horses???