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Party hosting is not in my wheelhouse

Noah's turning one on Sunday, and we're throwing him a party, which I'm dreading. This is a terrible thing to say, I'm aware, and it's not that I'm dreading my baby turning one, I'm dreading having a few people over my house for a few hours. It's a bit of an understatement to say I'm not much of a party planner, and on top of that, I know how these things go from having hosted several other parties since moving to this house. It will be a long, tiring day filled with people politely needing things that I've forgotten to provide, and I won't want to socialize with anyone for about a decade afterward.

And now I have the bonus of it happening in January in New Jersey, so I can't even let people hang out in the yard. At least we've invited fewer people than we usually do, and I'll get to slide a piece of cake over to a baby who's never eaten cake before, which is my favorite thing in the world. I hope Noah just headbangs directly into it, that would be so great.

Now, back to the not dreading my baby turning one thing. That's only 90% truth. My friend Amanda and I were picking up our kids from daycare earlier this week and she asked if I was sad about Noah turning one. She also has a baby girl turning one in a couple of weeks, along with an older girl who's Nathaniel's friend. I said sort of, more than I thought I'd be. We're both done with having kids, despite both of us now getting the "So will you try for the girl/boy?" question nearly daily; babies are cute but they're expensive and pushing watermelons out of your vagina isn't exactly a carnival ride (if it was, it would be called The Expeller or The Contractor), but being secure in that knowledge doesn't mean you're not sad about it. The act of having kids is basically deciding to have this thing depend on you and then let it depend less on you every day, on mostly its own schedule, for the rest of your life. So it's sad to think about my babies getting bigger, but it's also exciting that I'll never have to attend to my own newborn at 3am ever again.

And on that note, here's Noah's reaction to finishing a bowl of oatmeal.

Yes, he has rubbed some into his eye. I have no explanation for his hair. Man, babies!

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