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On The A.V. Club

I think just about everyone knows what The A.V. Club is. I used to be a pretty avid reader of most of the site, checking it at least daily if not several times if I was particularly bored at work, but lately I've basically dropped it from my usual rotation. I was thinking about why this was and I guess it's a combination of a lot of things, primarily:

  • Their mobile site sucks. They changed their ad content, which fine, sites have to make money, but they sometimes run ads on the mobile site which make the site unreadable on my phone. And I do a lot of my internetting on my phone. I can jostle things around and put it into reading mode and that usually works, but eh, effort. Also, their forums suck. See point below.
  • Todd Vanderwerff left. Now, I wasn't a 100% fan of his, as his tendencies to go maudlin and flowery sometimes made me roll my eyes, but at least I usually found his writing fun and I never doubted that he loved TV. lol I don't know why I'm talking about him like he's dead; he's still around on Twitter and Vox, but whatever.
  • Their forums. This is a two-fold problem: 1) they have several very annoying commenters who are every-fucking-where and 2) DISQUS BLOWS GOATS. Seriously, what kind of forum software just goes 'eh, who cares about threading after two replies, let's just have a super-long list that goes on forever!!!' Also, if you happen to be reading one of those super-long lists that should really be a thread, it randomly decides to refresh and all the More Comments you've loaded go away. Nice feature!
  • They keep eliminating the small review boards. Like, I'm sorry that the five 20-year-old boys who are on your site 24/7 making sexist jokes don't watch Revenge, but the people who did actually were fun to interact with.
  • The reviewers of the shows I watch are really uneven. I commented about this on Tumblr, but lol, what the heck is LaToya Ferguson even looking for when she watches Brooklyn Nine-Nine? It's like she's looking for a life-changing experience every time, when it's never pretended to be anything other than a fun sitcom. I like Alasdair Wilkins, who reviews Bob's Burgers (and a bunch of other shows I don't watch) a lot, though. At least he seems to understand the show he's watching.

    So I'll probably start going there once a week and cherry-picking the writers I can stand, while completely ignoring that the comment section exists. This has been old lady yells at cloud!

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