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On Babies and Not Babies

Noah is going to be one-year-old two weeks from today, and it's kind of blowing my mind. He seems like waaaay more of a baby than Nate did at the same age. I don't know if it's because I have Nate to compare him to or because he really does act younger than Nate did at the same age. Nate's a very big boy now; he'll be four in April. How was 2011 four years ago? He's starting to read, he's been completely potty trained for months and months now, and he talks like he's forty-five and has a law degree. I don't fall for his BS, but he's very good at getting adults who aren't his parents to do what he wants. It's impressive and infuriating.

Noah's actually pretty advanced verbally. He has a handful of words already — duck, dog, car, mama, dada, na (for Nathaniel), tree, bub for bubble, and my husband and I definitely heard him repeat inventor (VENTRRRR) the other day, after he heard it in a book. But he's not anywhere close to walking, whereas Nate was walking at 10 months and running before he was one, and he doesn't seem as good with food/utensils as Nate was at that age. Or maybe I'm just misremembering that, that's totally possible. I know he'll get there, probably pretty soon, but the crawling thing definitely makes him seem like a tiny baby.

Not that I'm complaining! I'm all for my baby being a baby for a while more because I'm done with the growing new babies part of my life. Since July 2010, I've been pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing with no breaks. I'm not anywhere close to weaning Noah yet because it's easy and nice and I like getting these huge chunks of time every day where I'm both productive and playing on my phone, but wow, am I looking forward to not having to pump ever again. The last day I'm definitely pumping at work is a week from Friday, though I'll probably bring my pump in the next week, too, just in case things get uncomfortable for me from not pumping during the day. DID YOU WANT TO KNOW THAT? OF COURSE YOU DID. And now you do.

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