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On Television

Now that the midseason replacements are starting up, I guess this is a good time to review where the fall season wound up. Now, I watch a lot of TV, though I only half-pay attention to some of it, as I watch it during my biggest chunk of free time that isn't my lunch hour. So I know a show is good if I actually pay attention to it. At the beginning of fall, I intended to watch Brooklyn 99, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, The Flash, How to Get Away with Murder, About a Boy, Parenthood, Revenge, Elementary, The Red Band Society, New Girl, Reign, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Mindy Project. Now they're divided like this:

Must watch
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine
- How to Get Away with Murder
- The Flash
- New Girl (which bounced back from last season when I only half-watched it, so if you dropped it, consider giving it another chance)
- The Mindy Project

Background watch
- About a Boy
- Parenthood
- Revenge

Background watch, but bordering on dropping
- Reign
- Gotham

Already dropped
- Sleepy Hollow
- Elementary
- The Red Band Society
- Agents of SHIELD

I also always watch Jeopardy! and get angry when it's preempted, but I know that makes me sound about 80, so the less said about that the better.

RBS is the only show I dropped because it was doomed to cancellation. It was a pretty sweet little teen drama, if hilariously medically inaccurate and super heavy-handed. But the interpersonal relationships were very sweet. The other three were borderline for me last season. I know a lot of people loved the first season of Sleepy Hollow, but I was always lukewarm on it and the second season is noticeably worse, so away it went. Gotham, its network friend, isn't faring much better. I like Jada Pinkett Smith a lot, so I've been sticking with it for now, but it came back from hiatus this week and I haven't even bothered watching it yet. Eh. Elementary got axed for going up against too many other things I also watched. By the time I realized I hadn't been watching the new episodes, the season was about six episodes underway and I didn't miss it. Farewell, those shows! And probably farewell, Gotham! The Flash is filling my DC superhero tv show quota just fine.

Reign has been my greatest disappointment this season. Season one was ridiculous and campy and hilariously anachronistic with some bizarrely delightful historical AU choices. It also had over-the-top supernatural overtones. So, of course this season, they got rid of most of the campy elements and introduced religious prosecution, miscarriage, and sexual assault. FUN! I like two of the new characters (the guy who has a crush on Mary and Queen Catherine's daughter), but the rest of the changes are just stupid and I hate them. The only reasons I'm sticking with this are Megan Follows and Adelaide Kane, who are both terrific and doing great things with the terrible material they're given. Maybe they can turn it around! Maybe Reign will be canceled (the ratings are awful even by CW standards)! We'll see!

As for midseason stuff, I'm picking up Agent Carter and Empire, and of course watching Parks & Recreation's final season. I just saw the Empire did really great in the ratings, too. My husband and I are also slowly working through The 100, I suppose to potentially replace Reign, but we've got about 10 episodes left before we catch up, so who knows when that'll happen?

HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THIS BORING ENTRY ABOUT HOW I WATCH TOO MUCH TV!! Feel free to navel-gaze about your own television watching habits!
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I was about 6 episodes behind on Elementary and I binge-watched until I got current. I have to say I really like it, I especially like they haven't dropped the addiction thread that piqued my interest in the first place.

Everyone is gushing about Agent Carter and I thought I would be too, but the few clips I've seen so far make me kind of meh which made me a little sad but! Maybe I'll give it another try when I can watch the whole premier.