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Dear Yuletide Writer 2014!

Dear Yuletide Writer,

So we've come to that time of year again, the one we started thinking about in August or so. Or maybe this is your first time doing Yuletide, in which case you're a brave, brave soul, and I admire you for that. Anyway, thank you for offering to write in one or more of my fandoms. You're great! Let's get on with it!

Me, generally: I've been in fandom for over nine-thousand years, so my preferences have changed a lot during that time, but I've always loved a good story and interesting characters. Losing myself in a story is right up there with losing 18 hours refreshing tumblr, which is high praise indeed. I'm a fan of flawed heroes, of good characters trying to do good in a bad world, of coming-of-age stories, of failures learning how to be successful, of know-it-alls who fall apart whenever they're wrong, and of characters who seem bad on the outside but really have soft, chewy middles.

I'm also a strong, strong believer in Optional Details are Optional. Please don't feel bound by my requests! One of my favorite Yuletide gifts is still from the year that someone ignored my prompts completely. Some people have better ideas than me, and I'm completely okay with that.

I read het, slash, femslash, and gen. All ratings are also fine; if you like writing porn, write me porn. If you like writing g-rated fluff, write me g-rated fluff.

On AO3, I'm [ profile] Marks, just like on DW.

Likes: Robots, hurt/comfort, sex pollen, stoners and drunks, wingfic, kid fic in that 'who left a baby on our doorstep????' way, soul bonding, holiday settings, angst that ends well, magical realism, canon divergent AUs, retold fairy tales, time travel, bodyswap, frottage, kissing, fake marriage/dating, arranged marriages, mythology/folklore, dudes struggling not to cry and failing at it, canon fusions but not crossovers

Dislikes: Very dark fic, intellific, A/B/O, BDSM, D/s, noncon, large age differences (including de-aging one of the characters), that thing where all the characters other than the ones in a pairing just know the pairing is meant to be together

Now for my individual fandoms:

The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvader – Ronan Lynch, Adam Parrish

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I know the third book comes out during sign-ups. I just want to let you know that including details from Blue Lily, Lily Blue in your fic is 1000000000% okay with me. New canon to swim around in, yes!

Why I Chose This Fandom: I'm a not-so-secret lover of YA novels, though I'm far older than the target demographic, but even discounting that, this series is so much fun. It's also different from a lot of what's out there. There's no dystopic government that they're fighting against, no one's sorted into anything, and while there are lots of magical elements, no one's a vampire, a werewolf, or a zombie. Even the psychics can only deal in specifics about half of the time.

Why I Chose These Characters: I love all five of the main characters and I ship Blue/Gansey as much as I do Adam/Ronan, but I guess I gravitated toward Adam and Ronan for my request because they seem so much less bound by fate than Blue and Gansey do. I feel like they're a lot more open as far as possible fic paths go. But I also picked them because I love their canonical interactions; I love that they fight all the time, but also do stupid teenage friend shit like pull each other on dollies behind the BMW so they're both scabbed up for days later. Adam's always thinking about how different they are, but I think they're similar, too, and would love an exploration of that.

Possible prompts:
  • Something involving Ronan's tattoo.
  • Ronan being angry about his canonical crush on Adam and that manifesting in one of several ways: 1) Angry makeouts or handjobs, 2) Adam being kind of sweet about it, 3) Adam being kind of mean about it, or 4) Ronan's dream powers making his crush more and more embarrassing in reality.
  • More of their search for Glendower. The time travel and folklore likes from the beginning of this post would fit in just great here.
  • Ronan's brothers and/or mother interacting with Adam.
  • Adam and Ronan stuck at 300 Fox Way together, preferably with Blue's entire family also being there.
  • Adam and Ronan bored in Adam's tiny, sweaty convent apartment.
  • More of Ronan teaching Adam to drive stick because that's a thing that really happened.
  • Robots.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago

Why I Chose This Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been charming me thoroughly for over a year now. Basically, the morning after a new episode airs, I barrage my poor tumblr followers by reblogging gifsets, and that usually only represents less than half of what I've liked. I love the fun cases, I love that it's actually laugh-out-loud funny, I love the weird time-wasting games the team plays, but most of all I love that all of the characters (usually) like and respect each other. Mike Schur has pretty much figured out the formula for what I'm going to like in a comedy.

Why I Chose These Characters: Amy's my favorite character, so picking her was a given. And I love her relationship with Jake. Not just for Jake's so-huge-he-had-to-confess-it-and-then-disappear-for-months crush, but how they both admire each other's police work because they're both really good cops! I also love how they tease each other, and while it definitely counts as flirting, it's also because they're both funny and find each other funny. In other words, it's a match-up of equals and I love, love, love that so hard.

Possible prompts:
  • Undercover cases, especially if pretending to be dating/married is involved. That episode where they pretend to be the fighting engaged couple delights me.
  • Get together fic! I'm sure this will be a popular request, but I don't care. Give me that get together fic.
  • Amy meeting Jake's family, Jake meeting Amy's family. I wrote the latter for Yuletide last year, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be more of it.
  • Some really way out there trope that you wouldn't expect with a Brooklyn-based cop show set in the real world, like Amy is a vampire slayer or Jake can read minds.
  • A bottle fic, where they're stuck in a closet for the duration or the whole team trapped is trapped somewhere during a hurricane.
  • Robots.

Friday Night Lights – Tim Riggins, Julie Taylor

Why I Chose This Fandom: Friday Night Lights is just one of the best shows I've ever seen. Sure, it's a show about football, which honestly is a subject that doesn't interest me much, but it makes the game and everything surrounding the game so exciting even for people who've never lived in a town in love with high school football. Plus, almost every character is somehow both real and lovable, and the show depicts the BEST realistic marriage on television.

Why I Chose These Characters: There are two or three episodes where Tim Riggins is staying with the Taylors and in those two or three episodes I was invested in Tim and Julie for about two or three minutes. I felt very guilty about this because I love Matt/Julie, but there it is. After I rewatched the whole series in a week earlier this year, I knew I was requesting them for Yuletide. I think it's mostly because I know Coach would go ballistic upon finding out.

Possible prompts:
  • Coach going ballistic upon finding out.
  • Something teenage and overwhelming happening between them after Tim shields Julie from that tornado in the supermarket. Feel free to combine this one with the prompt above.
  • Julie returning to Dillon after a few years away because she's looking for a different life direction and Dillon keeps calling to her, even though she wasn't born there and her parents no longer live there.
  • Tim bringing Billy's kids to visit Eric and Tammy in Pennsylvania, and Julie's also there for a visit, and maybe things aren't working so great between her and Matt in Chicago, and she finds Tim in caring uncle mode somehow irresistible.
  • West Dillon/East Dillon High's unofficial 10 year reunion, unofficial because they want everyone from Coach Taylor's tenure to get together and seriously, who knows what years all of these kids were in?
  • Robots. (Okay, maybe this one won't work as well for FNL. BUT MAYBE IT COULD?)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Dee Reynolds, Dennis Reynolds

Why I Chose This Fandom: I mainlined all nine seasons of It's Always Sunny earlier this year and I felt like I'd lost my mind, yet I couldn't stop myself from watching episode after episode. It's such a funny show filled with honestly horrible people being so terrible. It's the sitcom version of a car wreck, and I couldn't stop rubbernecking. Plus, FX sucks and won't give me another season until January, so of course I need fic to get me through the holidays.

Why I Chose These Characters: Jesus, these two have weird sibling interactions. Okay, they're weird about a lot of things, but Dennis and Sweet Dee are weirdest about each other. They sometimes seem like they hate each other a lot, but other times they're hypercompetitive teammates and share a brain. It's deeply fucked up. And hilarious. And every time I think about them, I remember Dennis telling Dee that he's her perfect man and then her kicking him in the face, and I laugh and laugh. Also, Kaitlin Olson calls them basic cable comedy's answer to Game of Thrones.

Possible prompts:
  • I don't care that Dee was the Aluminum Monster in high school, I would love a high school flashback for them. Or a college one, before Dee failed out of U Penn.
  • More CharDee MacDennis. More CharDee MacDennis. MORE CHARDEE MACDENNIS.
  • So remember when Dee got knocked up and she trolled them all into thinking that the baby was Dennis's? Maybe she didn't troll them after all.
  • An AU that somehow takes place inside of Charlie's The Nightman Cometh play.
  • Pacific Rim fusion where they pilot a Jaeger and are SO MAD ABOUT IT. This one's for Charlie Day. Speaking of, IASIP's Charlie can also be obsessed with Kaijus, but in a show Charlie way.
  • Robots (other than Jaegers).

And that's everything. I hope this was helpful and you have an easy and fun Yuletide writing for me!