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Yuletide reveals!

I wrote three fics for Yuletide, all of which were way better received than I would have guessed while I was writing them. So yay!

Here's My Hat, And By the Way, I'm a Virgin, The Internship, Neha/Stuart, 2585 words, R - My original assignment! kissoffools and I actually matched on two fandoms/character sets, so I also have half of a Maze Runner fic for her on my hard drive, which I might finish for NYR. Anyway, this was a blast to write. I thought this movie was kind of dumb when I first saw it, but the characters are surprisingly adorable and it got under my skin in such a way that I offered it for Yuletide. And in researching for the fic, I got to watch the unrated version with 1000% more boobs in Dylan O'Brien's face! So there's that.

Bribery Will Get You Everywhere, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Santiago/Peralta, 2940 words, PG - The one where Santiago has no friends and drags Peralta to her family's Christmas party. The only unsurprising thing about this was that it was my most popular one, and that's because I wrote it as a treat in two hours. My fics always work out that way.

Choosing Me (or The Kelly Taylor Principle), The Mindy Project, Mindy/Danny, Mindy/Casey, 3665 words, PG - My recipient asked for an AU where Mindy doesn't go to Haiti, which I pretty much used as an excuse to write a lot of 90's references. But I feel like Mindy Kaling would approve of that.

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