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Yuletide Roundup!

By some miracle, I managed to make it through the Yuletide archive before reveals, so I'm even making recs and junk. Amazing!

Fics for me

I got threeeee because life is wonderful, and they were all totally awesome.

The Curious Incident of the Dog Park by [Anonymous], Parks and Recreation/Welcome to Night Vale fusion, 2670 words, Leslie & Ann gen, G - I think it's pretty obvious this was the plot idea I threw out there hoping it couldn't be resisted, and I was glad that my hope was fulfilled. This is a really adorable fic where Leslie is getting on her soap box for the dog park, and poor beautiful long-suffering Ann has to reel her in. Such lovely touches of both canons without being an overt Night Vale fic. So basically exactly what I wanted because I was very good this year.

The Greater Night Vale Medical Community by [Anonymous], Parks and Recreation/Welcome to Night Vale fusion, 530 words, Leslie & Ann gen, G - Another P&R/Night Vale fic!! And this one is equally awesome, but taken from another angle, since it's about Ann moving to Night Vale and befriending Leslie in the hospital. Leslie gets stars in her eyes immediately because Ann knows actual medicine and not just cult-related chanting that might lead to healing. Adorable!

Won't Let You Get Away by [Anonymous], Teen Wolf RPF, 700 words, Tyler Posey/Dylan O'Brien, PG - Listen, I know everyone's all up in Tyler Hoechlin's chest hair, but it's such a pity that what little Teen Wolf RPF there is isn't all dedicated to these two. This is an adorable little ficlet with Dylan being pouty and kisses with shotgunning and, oh man, have I mentioned how lucky I was this year? I've already gone back to read this one three times, okay? I might have a problem.

Other Recs

That Braying Unpleasant Laugh by [Anonymous], 30 Rock, 1700 words, Liz & Jenna gen, G - Liz runs into Wesley Snipes and realizes her life is pretty ideal, Jenna threatens everyone's lives. Pretty standard stuff. :D

Springtime for Kreiger by [Anonymous], Archer, 1800 words, Team Gen, R - Cheryl's a cyborg now and Kreiger made her neck too strong. You know those fics that read like they're part of canon? Yeah, this is definitely one of them.

Scandal of the Century by [Anonymous], Arrested Development, 710 words, GOB/Tony Wonder, G - It's been rumored that you can have friends without wanting to bang them. GOB is dubious. Incredibly in character and funny, plus Michael gets called out by GOB, which is something I always enjoy.

Aftermath by [Anonymous], Avengers Arena/Runaways, 1155 words, Nico & Chase gen, PG - I still stand by my assessment that Avengers Arena turned out to be the superior teen Marvel book, and it's mostly because of Chase and Nico's inclusion. Anyway, they're alive, but traumatized, pretty much par for the course for the Runaways. This fic has excellent characterization.

Doilies All the Way Down by [Anonymous], Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3915 words, Santiago/Peralta, R - Argh, this is so cute and funny and both Peralta and Santiago are 200% in character. Plus, fake PDAs for undercover reasons. I want to roll around in this fic.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Cop by [Anonymous], Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2305 words, Santiago/Peralta, G - Jake introduces the newest officer to the rest of the force: Detective Theodore Bear. This fic was posted to Yuletide Madness, even though it's over 1000 words, so it's not really getting the attention the other B99 fics are getting (which, how awesome is it that there were so many good B99 fics? Really awesome), which is unfortunate because this is fantastic. So, you know, go read it. The title is a pun and it has an incredibly in-character Holt. Actually, an incredibly in character everyone, but Holt especially.

And Only Time Will Tell by [Anonymous], Elementary, 1050 words, Sherlock & Joan, G - High school AU where Joan basically tricks Sherlock into doing his homework. So, you know, canon.

We're Here, We're Queer, You Should Have Already Known by [Anonymous], Macdonald Hall, 4090 words, Bruno/Boots, PG - And here's the annual "Oh yay, it's Yuletide, so I get a perfect Bruno/Boots fic to read!" fic. Yep, it's Bruno/Boots, they're together, out, and proud, only no one at Macdonald Hall even noticed.

This Be the Verse by [Anonymous], Matilda, 760 words, Matilda gen, G - Matilda waits for her brother after not seeing him for years. This has a great ending that I don't want to say too much about, but basically there's a stealth crossover that makes a ton of sense and I liked this very much.

Eat Too Much Ice Cream by [Anonymous], Miss Saigon, 1065 words, Tam gen, G - God, this was so sweet and sad. Fic about Tam, Kim's son, after Kim dies and Chris and Ellen take him back to America. His adjustment from Vietnam to America is understandably hard, especially after Chris and Ellen have a baby of their own, and I just felt so bad for poor Tam. You know Kim did what she thought was best, but man, what a rough read. Another fic over 1000 words posted to Madness, so not getting the attention it might in the main collection.

Your brand is: Winston! by [Anonymous], New Girl, 3765 words, Winston/OMC, G - So maybe Theodore K. Mullins is a little less on the down-low than he thought. GOD, JUST PERFECT WINSTON CHARACTERIZATION! Did you know pretty much everything I requested for Yuletide was written, even if it wasn't for me? So yeah, I'm a happy camper this year.

A Cup of Good Cheer by [Anonymous], Orphan Black, 1700 words, Alison & Felix gen, PG - If Alison and Felix weren't your favorite part of the first season of Orphan Black, I don't even want to talk to you. Anyway, this is about Alison taking on too much and Felix helping out, even if he complains a bunch about it in the process. So, canon.

Lying to a Lying Cat by [Anonymous], Saga, 2040 words, Sophie & Lying Cat gen, PG - Poor, sad little Sophie thinks Lying Cat hates her forever. Lying. Just so adorable and with such a great ending.

Hoc Titulo in Latine Est by [Anonymous], Satan's Alley/Tropic Thunder, 3255 words, Father O'Malley/Apprentice Monk, R? - Heh, the archive rates this as E, but there's all sorts of artsy, well-lit, Oscar baity sex scenes in this, so probably an oversight on the author's part. This was basically the fic I've been wanting from Satan's Alley since 2008, featuring over-the-top prose, priestly guilt, and Lance Bass -- you know, everything! And lol the title.

First Anniversary by [Anonymous], Saturday Night Live, 660 words, Seth/Stefon, R - It's not like anyone needs to work particularly hard to get me to rec Seth/Stefon fic, but this is faaaabulous anyway. And I quote:

“Oh! I know. If we want someone to perform at our anniversary party, we should get human pillows!”

“Do I even want to know?”

“They wear soft clothing and lie on the floor, and anyone who’s tired can just lie down and put their head on the human pillow’s shoulder and have a nice nap.”

“That’s… actually a lot less weird than I thought it would be.”

“Also, they eat lots of feathers, and if you punch them, feathers come out of every orifice.”

“Yep, there we go.”

The Honey Glow by [Anonymous], Wreck-It Ralph, 1690 words, Sergeant Calhoun/Fix-It Felix Jr., PG - When I watched Wreck-It Ralph, I didn't plan on coming out of it wanting get-together fic, but hey, whatever, these two get married and I totally wanted this fic.

I'll edit in author names after the reveals, and you can also find all of my recs on AO3 right here.

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