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Dear Yuletide Writer

Yuletide signups are still going on, for the five of you who didn't know. Okay, maybe four.

This, of course, is my Dear Yuletide Writer letter.

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for signing up and, more importantly, for offering the fandoms I requested! You are a very brave and intelligent individual with impeccable taste. Obviously.

Okay, the basics!

Likes: Plotty stories, hurt/comfort, sex pollen, fun fic especially for the sitcom fandoms, stoner/drunken antics. I'm not opposed to slash, het, femslash, OT3s, or gen, so have at it. I also like holiday settings, though they're in no way a must. But if your soul is telling you that your story should be set at Christmas, go for it. Lord knows I've indulged that impulse often enough.

Dislikes: Really dark fic, introspective intellific (I'm not smart enough for it), unresolved endings though I'm okay with unhappy endings if the situation calls for it, most kink in sex scenes though NC-17 stuff is way great as far as I'm concerned. G stuff is also way great. Have at it.

So, as for my individual fandoms:

Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls - Anton DiSclafani - Thea Atwell, Samuel Atwell

Yuletide request: Yeah, so I feel mildly terrible for this, but I can't be the only one who thought Sam's reaction to Thea went above and beyond average brotherly concern. This means I'm not against some intense jealousy sex after Thea's return, or further down the line. On the gen not-incest side of things, the last chapter tells us that Sam stays down south and gets married while Thea moves north, so I'd love to read a future fic where they literally meet in the middle.

Additional info: Obviously brother/sister incest wasn't included when I said I don't like much kink. You can make this as awful as you'd like, as long as you maintain Thea's general healthy attitude toward her not-exactly-average affairs. If it isn't obvious, I AM COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK. I would love you forever and ever if you wrote this fic or any fic for this story. SERIOUSLY.

Canon acquisition: If any of this has intrigued you, the book's Kindle edition is currently going for $12 on Amazon, and I'm sure you can find it cheaper (or, like, $0) elsewhere. It's a really quick read and was recommended to me as a beach book. I finished it in three days.

Teen Wolf RPF - Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey

Yuletide request: Listen, these two are besties and they make numerous references to all the sex they're probably having, and I want to read about that. Nice and easy. Please no girlfriend/fiancée bashing.

Additional info: I think my request is pretty straightforward here. I just love how much these two love each other and would be happy to have any expression of that. The drunken/stoner antics mentioned above would be especially great here, but I'd also love an out-there AU where Dylan wakes up in a universe where Teen Wolf doesn't exist but he remembers it does and tries to convince everyone around him that he's telling the truth. Maybe Tyler's the only one who believes him! I don't know. ANYTHING WOULD BE GREAT.

Canon acquisition: I recommend scrolling through the O'Brosey tag on Tumblr. Also, here are a few articles to keep you entertained. :D

Parks and Recreation - Any

Yuletide request: I have two ideas for this fandom, one canon-based and one out there. I would love either equally, or something else entirely. You can focus on any characters you'd like. I am easy. The only thing that I ask is that you only include canon ships. I'm way too into them to want any of them broken up.

1. The canon one is based on that interview question "Where do you see yourself in five years?" It was inspired by Ann looking to leave Pawnee when her baby is born. So, where do you see the various denizens of Pawnee in five years? Can you see Leslie ever leaving, maybe being voted into office in Indianapolis or even Washington D.C.? MAYBE SHE WORKS FOR HILLARY CLINTON! OR JOE BIDEN!! Where's Donna going to set up next? Will Tom get fed up with Jean-Ralphio's dad's shenanigans and move Rent-A-Swag across the country?

2. The out there one is a fusion with Welcome to Night Vale. If you don't know Welcome to Night Vale, just ignore this unless you feel like getting into it. I provide links on my Dear Yuletide Author entry. But if you're familiar and intrigued, I'm not looking for a crossover unless it's something like Leslie listening to Cecil in the background. All I want is the Parks department of Pawnee to be the Parks department of Night Vale. There are so many similarities between the two series, especially the small town defensiveness of a town that's got lots and lots and LOTS of problems. Is Leslie in charge of maintaining the Dog Park? Can Ron even be a Libertarian with the Secret Police's helicopters hovering overhead? Maybe April's a happier person surrounded by Night Vale's gore. I just think this could be really clever and cute.

Additional info: Yeaaaah, my requests are pretty thorough. I think the only thing I should add is that I request P&R almost every year because I just love it so so so so so much. It's pretty much my favorite TV show ever.

Canon acquisition: P&R: Seasons 1-5 are available on Netflix. This season is currently airing and available on Hulu. All seasons are available if you know your way around a torrent.

Welcome to Night Vale: Podcast is here and on iTunes. It's all free!

New Girl - Winston Bishop

Yuletide request: Okay, Winston has slowly been losing it over the last two seasons and I've loved every second of it. I just wish the show would focus on him more often! I'd love a day in the life of Winston Bishop, especially if you're including large doses of Ferguson. That cat is the best addition to New Girl in a long while.

Additional info: These gifs should be enough:

I would also love it if you could get Winston more directly involved in roommate shenanigans. He's sometimes (often) left to his own devices and I wish he were in the mix more reliably.

Canon acquisition: Seasons 1 & 2 are available on Netflix. Current season is available on Hulu. All episodes are available through various downloading outlets. :D I think the first two seasons are also on DVD.

The Fast and the Furious Series - Roman Pearce

Yuletide request: For me, The Fast and The Furious is all about fun and Roman's so much fun that I can't not request him. I really want to know what happens with him in between the end of 2 Fast 2 Furious and his reappearance in Fast 5. A nice little adventure fic would be right up my alley, especially if peppered with large doses of humor and car crashes.

I also wouldn't be against some Roman/Tej slash. I can't be the only one in the world who doesn't mind reading more into their playful banter. Or if you wanted to write Roman gen where Tej shows up constantly just to make fun of him, that would be fantastic.

Additional info: I do love it when Roman is the joke, but I also would love it if in your story that he not ALWAYS be the joke. I mean, he's had it tough and I wouldn't mind an exploration of that. God, I love The Fast and the Furious. If you have every member of the team ever appear in your fic, I WOULD DIE FROM HAPPINESS. DIE FOREVER.

Canon acquisition: The first five movies are all on DVD and also available for download on iTunes and Amazon Prime. The sixth one unfortunately isn't being released until December 10th, but I'm sure there's a workaround somewhere on this great internet of ours.

The Mindy Project - Betsy Putch, Jeremy Reed

Yuletide request: I just really like the dynamic these two have together and would be happy to see Betsy put a stop to Jeremy's womanizing ways. The episode where Jeremy goes along with Betsy for Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. Betsy doesn't like that her parents treat her like a little kid, but it seems like Jeremy's parents don't like their doctor-in-America son much at all. I'd be happy to see them making a little family together.

Background Mindy/Danny would also be great!

Additional info: I actually kind of surprised myself with this request. Not the fandom - I'd been planning on requesting it all along - but the characters. I just started thinking about the show and how it's kind of shaky with the way it utilizes its secondary characters and decided I could really use an extension on that. Also, if you want to include a little bit about Betsy liking Jeremy's new pudge, I wouldn't be opposed to that.

Canon acquisition: Season 1 is available on Netflix. Season 2 is currently airing and on Hulu!

Whew! Good luck, writer! I'm really very easy and look forward to anything you can come up with. I'm sure I'll love it! ♥ This is my tenth time doing Yuletide and it's always, always a great experience. I'm so glad it's part of my December every year.
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