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I've spent part of this week getting caught up with my comics and basically it's all Adventure Time and Avengers up in here. Does anyone want to talk about Fionna and Cake with me? Because it's super great. I really like the Land of Aaa and the Ice King's fanfiction. I think my favorite part is how the Ice Queen is actually pretty scary and competent, whereas the Ice King tastes lonely (thanks for prompting that, Lemongrab).

As for the Avengers, I got all caught up on Avengers Assemble, and read the existing issues of Avengers Arena and Young Avengers.

Avengers Assemble is the greatest. I've been pretty lukewarm on this run of Captain Marvel so far, which is kind of a bummer because I really WANT to love it. I love Carol, I just didn't really dig the angle on the time-travel plot, so I'm hoping this new arc will turn out to be my thing. On the other hand, DeConnick is knocking it out of the park with Avengers Assemble. Any storyline that ends with Tony and Bruce walking naked through the streets of New York and being photographed by Spider-Man for The Daily Bugle is all right by me. Also this:

It's pretty much everything I could ask for from an Avengers team comic.

As for Avengers Arena, whatever. I have no feelings about anyone who's been featured yet, though I'm not too hot on killing teenagers for the sake of it. But don't kill Chase and Nico for good and we're solid. The next issue looks like it could focus on them and I'm okay with that, though that also indicates that one of them is done for. Money's on Chase, since almost dying is pretty much his thing. Though he does have Old Lace with him, which has to be a bonus. Not every teenager has a psychic dinosaur given to them by their dead ex-girlfriend, after all.

And Young Avengers is a really good introduction! Nothing much happened that I can talk about yet, but I particularly love the interactions between Loki and Miss America and look forward to more of those.

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