Jan. 1st, 2017

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I don't have huge hope that 2017 will be an improvement on 2016, but stranger things have happened I guess. On that cheerful note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Here's a roundup of the stuff I wrote for Yuletide:

My assignment:
The Medium Place, The Good Place, Eleanor/Chidi, 4500 words, T - The one where Eleanor convinces TPTB to create The Medium Place and gets put in charge of it.

Got commended for my worldbuilding a lot on this one, and since my worldbuilding basically consisted of listing a lot of stuff I find mundane and annoying, I loved those comments dearly.

Full-length treats:
Never Stop Winning, Yuri!!! on Ice, Yuuri/Victor, 2500 words, E - Skating, Victor, winning, sex, love, they were all jumbled up together in Yuuri's head as one big thing, and Victor just counted himself lucky for being the person Yuuri fixated on.

lol had to get a YOI treat in there for the first and last year this will be Yuletide eligible. Also wanted the excuse to write some porn, not that I ever need much of an excuse for that.

An Irrevocable Condition, In the Heights - Miranda, Sonny/Graffiti Pete, 1500 words, T - Then later he told Usnavi he was taking two art classes this semester and all Usnavi did was smirk knowingly at him. Which. Fuck off, Usnavi.

I love In the Heights and have always kind of wanted to write something for it, so I'm glad I got a chance. Sonny's just so cute, and one of the ten-thousand drafts for the musical had Sonny and Graffiti Pete kissing during the blackout, so I was glad I wasn't making up the subtext I saw there.

Dead Things Can't Grow, Heathers (1988), Veronica/Heather Chandler, 1050 words, T - It’s been eight years since The Incident, which is what Veronica calls it in her head. Calling it The Incident sounds so innocent, like it was the time cow tipping went wrong, which in some small way it was.

One of those fics where I was laughing at myself as I wrote it, but I'm not sure anyone other than me found it funny. Dark humor! At least the people who read it seemed to like it. :D

Madness treats:
Whipped, Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo, Wylan/Jesper, 240 words - Jesper watching Wylan sleep, like a creeper.

Tangible, Gordon Korman - Macdonald Hall, Bruno/Boots, 350 words - Boots literally running to get letters from Bruno when they go to different universities.

Read them, if you'd like! Or don't! I like you all anyway. :D


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